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Pinjra 29th June 2021  Episode starts with Mayura getting upset seeing Omkar smiling and asks why is he smiling and says don’t think that you can make me lose. She says if my attention haven’t diverted then I would have win. Omkar says it was competition for you, but for me, it was the first step towards achieving my dreams. Omkar is called for the prize ceremony. He gets an award from the Principal. Omkar thanks him. Sachin holds Mayura’s hand and drags her from there. Omkar looks for Mayura and thinks she couldn’t bear and that’s why went from here. Omkar asks Principal if he will get admission in this college. Principal says yes, you will get with scholarship, but have to pay fees for sports and dramatic society, it is not included in scholarship. Omkar says I have made arrangements for that, I will pay the fees tomorrow.

Principal welcomes him in the college. Omkar thanks him. Mayura and Sachin come home. The reporter clicks her pics while she is in the sword competition attire. Her father comes to her and asks her to get ready for the photo shoot. The Reporter asks Mayura if she had went to any competition. Her father says she went to practice sword fighting and asks DM to get her ready. Omkar’s mother prays to God to make her Omkar win in the competition. Omkar comes home holding the trophy and hears his mother praying to God. He goes behind the idol and sits to have laddoo. His mother opens her eyes and thinks where is the laddoo? Omkar in a rough voice tells that he was hungry so ate it. He asks her to bring whatever she has. His mother understands seeing the laddoo on floor. She asks what about laddoo peda and catches him. She beats him. Omkar apologizes and shows the trophy to her. His mother gets happy and tells that they have won and he got admission with 100 percent scholarship. He says whoever passes from this college, gets a good job and says you shall not work now. He says happy days are about to come. His mother gives the credit to God. Omkar says my God is you. His mother says someone will come surely who will make you see the power of devotion.

Mayura takes pics with her father and brother. The reporter thanks them and says very soon, these pics will be on our cover page of the magazine. They leave. Mayura gets teary eyes thinking about the competition. Her father asks Mayura why did she go to the competition, leaving the photo shoot. Mayura says if I had told you then would you let me go. She says just like your business and this photo shoot was important to you, this competition was important to you. Sachin asks her not to argue with Dad. Her father tells that this is not rebelling, but foolishness. Mayura says I am not rebelling, but talking to you. She says you gave me everything, but didn’t give me a chance to do anything openly. She says this house seems to be like gold cage, where her thinking and feelings are cage. Her father says enough and asks her to follow his rules and regulations. He signs her to zip her mouth and goes. Sachin asks Mayura if she understood what Papa said. He also goes. DM asks Mayura not to feel bad. Mayura says Papa haven’t told me about my competition and tells that she has lost for the first time, due to the street cycle rider Omkar. She says she will teach him a lesson and calls her friend Ishaan to come to college tomorrow.

Mayura keeps her dresses in the wardrobe and thinks tomorrow morning shall start soon, thinks to make Omkar’s first day as his last day. In the night, Omkar gets flashes of his past, and sees someone stabbing him with the sword. Mayura is also sleeping and sees the same dream. She gets restless in sleep. Omkar’s mother comes there. DM comes to Mayura and asks her to relax. Omkar’s mother thinks don’t know what dream he sees since childhood and thinks what is it which is unsolved? DM thinks when my Mayura will get peace?

Next morning, Mayura comes to the college and hears Omkar’s cycle sound. He stops his cycle and parks it beside her car. Mayura asks him not to spoil her car look, by parking his cycle here. Omkar asks even if I say that, but did I say. Mayura says I will see you. Omkar says you can see me whenever you want, and praises himself. Mayura walks inside the college. Pooja and Tanya comes there and greets her. Mayura says lets go. A guy comes and bends down on his knees. Mayura gives him flower kiss. Other guy comes and gives her notes, asks her to rest. Omkar comes to the office to pay the fees, someone informs him to pay it later, as cashier went.

Mayura comes to the classroom. The guys ask her to sit on their benches. Mayura drops her handkerchief. Many guys run to pick it and give it to mayura. Mayura wipes the bench with it and throws on some guy. She thinks Omkar haven’t come, it seems he went afraid from outside. Omkar comes inside, but the guys don’t let him sit, saying it is their seat. Mayura says omkar has to stand and attend the class. Omkar throws his bag on the bench and says it is mine. Mayura looks at him.

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