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Pinjra 28th June 2021 Episode starts with Mayura asking Sachin to talk to Dad once. Rahul asks Sachin to make Mayura understand. Sachin asks Mayura what does she need and tells that he can buy anything for her and asks what does she want? Mayura says she just wants to go to the sword competition. Sachin says Papa’s words are like the line on the stone. He tells that she can just make it as her hobby and nothing more. He asks her to smile and goes. Daimaa comes there and calls Mayura.

Mayura calls her DM, hugs her and misses her. DM says you made your Daimaa as DM and asks how about picnic? Mayura says it was good and tells that she missed her. DM says when the storm came, I was worried for you. Mayura says only you worries for me, Papa went back to work just he came and bhai didn’t talk to me. She says I didn’t see my mother and says you have taken care of me like my mother. DM says I love you a lot and even your father loves you. Mayura says if he had love me and all, then why did he not allow me to go to sword competition. DM says she made atta halwa. Mayura thanks her with a hug.

Mayura’s father and brother were talking about the work. DM comes there and keeps the tea. She hesitantly requests them to let Mayura go to the competition. Sachin says we will decide what is best for her. His dad says get her ready for the photo shoot.

Omkar talks to his mother. She blesses him in his endeavors. Omkar says bus have come. Mayura gets sad and is about to get ready for the photo shoot. Reporters come and take Mayura’s father interview. Mayura gets ready. DM compliments her beauty and asks her to come down for the photo shoot. Mayura says I will just be back. Pooja calls her and tells that she has heard that some good competitor is coming who can defeat you. Mayura says it is not possible. Pooja says registration will be closed in 15 mins. Mayura’s dad tells the reporters that he never thought about remarriage as his son and daughter is his everything. Reporter asks where is Mayura?

He asks DM to bring Mayura there. DM goes to the room and finds Mayura missing. She panics and thinks what will I tell her dad. Mayura reaches the college and collides with Omkar. She falls and he holds her in his embrace. They have an eye lock. Music plays…..He asks how come you are here? Mayura says same pinch, and asks if he left job and came here. Omkar asks if someone bangs on the wall. He says his hand always works to save her. Mayura says she is getting late and will see him later. Omkar says ok bye. He thinks if she was talking about this competition in hotel. Mayura gets ready for the competition and ties her hair. Pinjara song plays…..She wears white clothes for the competition and takes the sword in her hand. She gets flashes of getting attacked by the sword and thinks she shall focus on the game. She wishes herself all the best and wears the head mask. She then takes her sword and leaves from the dressing room.

Mayura’s father and brother come to the room. Sachin says this girl haven’t thought about us and went. His dad asks DM where did she go? Sachin says she might have gone to sword competition. Mayura’s dad asks him to go and bring her back.

Mayura comes to the stage. Announcement is made that Mayura is a skilled swordwoman on the stage. He says other participant requested us to announce his name only if he wins the competition, and till then he shall be named Mr. X. Omkar comes to the stage wearing the clothes as per the competition rules and with the mask. Mayura says your name will not be known as you will never win this competition. Omkar signs his thumb down. Announcement is made to start the game. They start fighting with sword. Pinjara music plays…..Pooja and Tanya are among the audience and cheer for Mayura. Omkar and Mayura continue to fight.

Mayura’s face mask gets removed by Omkar’s sword while fighting. They continue to fight. Mayura sees Sachin coming there and gets distracted. Omkar makes her sword falls down and then keeps his sword on her neck. Mayura loses and gets shocked. She sees Omkar’s face through the net of the mask as he stands close. Announcement is made that they got the winner and his name is Omkar Vashisht. Mayura gets upset. Omkar comes near Mayura and smiles. Mayura tells Principal that this is absolutely wrong and tells that she was distracted seeing her brother in the audience and asks him to get the competition begin again. Principal says your focus shall always be on the game, but you got distracted. He says Omkar has played a fair game.

Mayura says Omkar is not of this college and he can’t participate in this contest. She says her dad is the college trustee and she will complain to him. Principal says Omkar was selected in a college which is one rank below of our college and he got scholarship too. He says when your dad came to know about this, he asked us to let the scholarship students participate in this competition and infact he said that if anyone wins then that student shall get admission in our college. He says Omkar haven’t only win the competition, but also gets admission in our college with 100 percent scholarship on tution fees. Omkar smiles. Mayura is shocked.

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