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Pinjra 28th August 2020 Omi’s mom says if you like her you will get her but let’s do it with the right way. Let’s go to her house tomorrow and do the pooja today. Omkar says okay I will do the pooja tonight and get this shagun ready but you have to go tomorrow. Tell Pyush. He must be so happy. He had been waiting for my wedding for son long. She nods. Omi writes Mayura’s name on the the leaf and does pooja.

Scene 2
Kundan says Megha you didn’t tell me. You hid such a beautiful thing. Your room is so beautiful. Megha heaves a sigh of relief. She goes inside and Mayura isn’t there. He says sorry I peeked in. They say if you wanna know someone see their room. May I? He goes inside. Megha goes with him. They sit together. Mayura is under the bed. Megha sees her. Kundan says I talk openly. I am a civil engineer. You are a lawyer, I would want my wife to work if you like. I want you to be independent. You can do what you like. Tell me about yourself. She says first time someone is so genuinely interested in me. He is giving me so much importance. Mayura’s foot gets burned. Kundan looks below the bed and sees her. Mayura comes out. Megha applies cream on her wound. Megha is upset. She says this is my younger sister Mayura. Mayura says I was just here to surprise. It’s all my fault. Kundal says careful beta. Don’t you wanna dance in your di’s wedding? Mayura and Megha smile.

Mayura says thank God, her wedding is fixed.

Scene 3
Omkar calls someone and says this road goes to the temple. It should be broadened. I am sending money. This is about our city’s name. He sees Mayura in a mirror. He smiles. Mayura is on the bike with Megha. He sees a burn on her foot and says I won’t let anything stain your beauty Mayura.

Surekha says where are these girls. Mayura gives parsad to everyone and says start the preps for the wedding. Dadi says once Megha is married, we will get done with Mayura as well. Mayura says get done? She says daughters have to be get done by the God. We aren’t worried about you. It would come at our door. The bell rings. Megha says I think the proposal is here.

Mayura opens the door. She’s shocked to see someone in a PPE. She says I am a doctor and I came from the hospital. I am a burn specialist. There’s a burn on our foot. Mayura says who called you I am sorry? Her dad says we didn’t call anyone. Omkar is outside and says there would be no stain, she’s the best doctor. The doctor says someone paid for the treatment. Her dad says but we didn’t pay anything. She says it must be a well wisher. He didn’t tell his name. A man comes and says these mangoes are for you. Her dad says who did all this? Megha says Kundan must have. I told him I like mangoes. Mayura says oh yeah he was there when I got burned and he was really worried. They call the doctor inside and she treats her wound. Mayura says tell jeju thanks from my side.

Megha calls Kundan. He says I think she got the mangoes. Megha says I called to say thanks. He says you had no hopes? These are just mangoes. She says you didn’t just send the mangoes. He says what else did I send? Kundan says your love and care for me and my family. The doctor leaves. Omkar says I will make you mine forever tomorrow. Mayura looks at the car but Omkar reverses. Omkar says you won’t ever be alone now. I will always be with you.

Scene 4
Omkar comes to his place. Someone throws a glass towards him. He picks it.

It his dad. He fights with his mom. He says a donkey doesn’t become a horse if you paint it like one. She says please be quite Omi is here. He says I am his father, he isn’t my father. She tries to control him. He says come touch my feet. Your father came after 15 days from Bhopal. She says be quite. He says I won’t be quite. I am suffocating. We do all that he asks. He asks us to go to places and pretend. He uses us like a puppet. He doesn’t even let me drink. I want my desi drinks, those foreign drinks are useless. Omkar walks towards him. He touches his feet. His father says stay happy and let me live as well. He falls. Omkar holds him. Omkar says I want to make you a boss from the labor but you have to try as well. Would the servants respect you if you do things like these? He says booo. Maa says what are you doing? Omkar says take him to his room. His dad says at least when I was a labour I was free. You made a boss and a slave. Remember one thing by your father, love and birds can’t stay in cages.

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