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Pinjra 26th May 2021 Episode starts with Mayura calling Postmortem office and telling that she needs to come there and check the file. The employee tells that the office is closed today. Megha says this means you didn’t lose complete truth on Omkar. Mayura says I am just supporting truth. Raghav comes there and tells that he has taken permission from his senior office to see the file. Megha asks suddenly a favor on us. Raghav says Omkar and you might think that I am enmity, but I can help Mayura to reach the truth, being her friend. He says being an ACP, I shall work for the case. Mayura thanks Raghav and says we shall go from here. Shankar makes Omkar hear Tara’s message for him.

Onkar gets emotional and asks Tara is fine na. Shankar says yes. Omkar asks him to tell Megha that he wants to get out from jail. Shankar tells that he should have been silent and shouldn’t have shouted at Mayura. Omkar says he lost his patience and shouted, as Mayura is not understanding Raghav. Shankar asks him to learn from Mayura and tells that neither she is sleeping nor she is eating food, just working to get you out from here. He says you are making her far from you, and tells that if this happens then Mayura’s trust on Raghav will increase. He asks him to think wisely and not to get angry. Omkar gets emotional too.

Mayura and Raghav come to the office. Raghav asks did Omkar tell you something? Mayura recalls Omkar telling her about the missing paper and lies to Raghav that he didn’t tell anything. She says lets check for evidence. Raghav asks Pandey to call the guy taking care of this cabin. Mayura tries to get the file from the almari. Raghav helps her get it. Mayura checks and thinks don’t know what Omkar was talking about. She thanks Raghav for his help. Raghav says anything for you, then says anything for truth. Mayura tells that she has to check all Vishaka’s files, that body’s face was ruined, may be Vishaka is alive. Raghav offers to come and help her. Mayura says I can’t trouble you more. Raghav says I was thinking to have food at your place. Mayura invites him for dinner. Raghav thinks today he will have dinner date with her.

Later Raghav comes to Omkar holding the bouquet and asks do you know where am I going? Omkar says I don’t care, go to hell. Raghav says he is going to heaven, going to Mayura for dinner. He says she invited me herself and asks if he got shock. He says he is taking her favorite flowers, first they will dine and talk and then don’t know what they will do just as night begins. She says after spending night with me, she will realize that she was wasting time with devil like you. Omkar controls his anger and says ACP, all the best. Raghav is shocked and says I like your spirit, asks him to enjoy 5 star hotel food and sleep. He says I am enjoy the food made by mayura. He asks Constable to keep eye on him.

Mayura comes to the place where body was found to search for evidence. She finds spy camera on the tree and asks Sanjay if Omkar got it here. Sanjay says it was not there before. Mayura says it was fixed intentionally here to trap omkar. Sanjay says it is not proved that Omkar has committed murder. Mayura says this camera is troubling me. Raghav comes there and says hi. Mayura says Raghav, you came ready as if you came for party and says even I didn’t do any special arrangements and have made simple food. Raghav says I don’t go anywhere so don’t know what to wear. He gives her bouquet and says it is for her and then says for the house. Mayura takes it.

Raghav asks Mayura to have food and says dal is tasty. Mayura asks did you enquire with Vishaka’s office employees. Raghav says he is trying. Mayura worries that Omkar’s life is wasting in jail. Raghav says we will soon find the truth. He asks how do you know that I like Aloo ki sabzi. Mayura says actually Omkar likes it and asks if she can send food for him. Raghav says why not. Megha asks Raghav, if he was behind like Mayura like other college guys. Mayura says she don’t like all this and tells that Raghav had never troubled her and was silent in the class. Megha thinks silent guys are troublesome. Raghav insists to see Vishaka’s files.

They get the calls on their mobiles. Mayura tells Shankar that someone had beaten Omkar very much in jail and gets up, and walks stepping on the bouquet. Raghav gets upset. Mayura reaches hospital. Omkar apologizes to her for getting angry on her and getting punished. Mayura asks him not to say this and hugs him. Raghav comes there and gets upset. Mayura asks what happened? Omkar tells that Raghav locked a criminal in the lock up, he was crazy and beaten him. Doctor tells that he shall be here for 3-4 days. Mayura asks Doctor if she can stay with Omkar. Doctor says no.

Mayura asks Raghav to let her stay here, being a doctor herself. Raghav says ok. Doctor gives the medicine to be brought. Mayura goes to get it. Raghav asks Omkar what did he think that he can escape from here. Omkar says small people, small thoughts. He says what do you think that I did this to escape and says what cheap thing you had said, that Mayura will feel that she has wasted her time with me, after you spend night with her. He says Mayura is my wife and her every night, day, year, seven births will be with me, when you told such cheap thing about her, I thought to bury you inside so that even your 7 generations can’t search you. He says like a tiger, he has grabbed his intentions.

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