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Pinjra 25th May 2021 Episode starts with Omkar thinking about Mayura’s words that she will take Police’s help and she will talk to Raghav, then Raghav arresting him and thanking Mayura for her help. He gets upset. Raghav comes there and asks if he is trying to elope from here. Omkar says I want to talk to Mayura. Raghav says Mayura has no interest to meet or talk to you. Omkar says that she will decide and not you. Raghav says I won’t let even her voice reach you and asks Omkar not to give him angry look.

He threatens him. Omkar says once I get out from here then see what I will do. Raghav says I can’t even fight with you, you are a failed man, your daughter is away from you and your wife is fed up with you and will leave you very soon. He says Mayura is taking revenge from you and you will be caged all life, this is my promise. Omkar gets something kept on the table and picks it. He says I need my lawyer. Raghav says no lawyer will help you, your chapter is finished. Omkar hits him. He gets up from the chair. Mayura asks Megha to hurry up. Megha says it is done, I will throw papers on ACP. Shankar says I don’t know if it is right or wrong. Shankar says it is bad. ACP and Omkar have a fight.

Omkar asks ACP not to come between Mayura and him. Raghav says I have come between you both. He shouts for help. Megha and Mayura come there and see Omkar holding him. Mayura says Omkar. Raghav says thank god, you came else he would have killed me. Omkar asks Mayura to trust him and tells that he was provoking me. Mayura insists to talk to Omkar. Raghav says this man has got violent, can do anything. Megha shows the papers and says now can I meet him. Raghav says Megha can meet him, but not Mayura. Mayura goes. Omkar says I will not leave you. Shankar tells Raghav that Omkar can’t do this. Raghav says he has a good fan following and asks him to ask Mayura. Mayura asks Sanjay to take Papa ji home. Sanjay takes him home.

Raghav asks Mayura to trust him, tells that he wants to help Omkar and that’s why went, but Omkar attacked me. Mayura says I want to meet him and wants to ask why did he do this? Raghav says I am ACP and have to say some things to make him confess, but I didn’t touch him. He says Omkar feels that I am his enemy and tells that he is not a terrorist that he will get medals. He says I am silent because of you else would have filed assault case against him. Mayura thanks him and tells that she wants to meet Omkar once.

Omkar tells Megha that Raghav provoked him to fight and asks her to tell Mayura not to trust Raghav. Megha says ok. Mayura brings first aid box to Raghav and tells that blood is coming from his mouth. He says he is habitual to get injury. Mayura says I do care about it. He gets emotional. She applies medicine to his injury and says don’t know what happened to Omkar, why he don’t control his anger. Raghav holds her hand and tells that he is feeling pain. He says whenever someone is hurt, you used to run to blow on the injury. Mayura says everyone was my friends in the school, but you was friends with books. Megha comes there and says I need to talk to you. Mayura says first I will talk to Omkar.

Mayura comes to Omkar and asks why did you attack Raghav? Omkar says he showed what he wants to. He says he will beat him again as she doesn’t know what he said. He says Raghav provoked me to beat him. Mayura says he told me that he was doing his duty. Omkar says he wanted me to beat him. Mayura says Raghav is trying to help us, you and says if he had not arrested you then do you know what would have happen, it was shoot at sight order for you. Omkar says that’s why you got me arrested and says I trusted you and you betrayed my trust. Mayura says how can you think that I will get you arrested. Omkar says I never thought that you will betray me for a friend, whom you met 2 days back. Mayura asks him to stop. Megha tells Raghav that she knows that he is doing this with Omkar due to his personal problem.

Raghav asks her not to accuse him, else it will prove costly for her. He says it is a crime to malign someone’s image and asks her not to question him and better concentrate on her client. Megha goes. Raghav thinks Mayura shall not trust Omkar. Mayura says it is not easy to bear what you are going through, but that doesn’t mean that you can tell me anything. She says I trust you, even though Raghav warned me against you. Omkar says Raghav is your big mistake and says you have always did mistake to identify people, first Neil, Vishaka and Raghav. Mayura says you said right and writes Omkar’s name too in the list. Omkar gets furious. Mayura says I have suffered due to your mistakes, but Raghav was right that person like you can’t change. She tells that this case will be enquired fully and if I come to know that you have killed Vishaka then I will put you behind bars. Omkar slits his hand and swears that until he proves his innocence, neither he will sit quietly nor he will make others sit quietly.

Raghav smiles seeing Mayura going and thinks his aim is not too far. He looks at the papers where he has written marriage as the aim. At his house, Raghav looks at Mayura’s pic and says I love you Minty. He plays her video and says Omkar hurt you, and then also you love and trust him. He asks what did you see in him. He says if I had not gone for my IPS training then wouldn’t have let you and Omkar together. He says he is suitable for her and not Omkar. He looks at his and Mayura’s pic and thinks very soon it will be truth, and will send Omkar very far from here, then I will entry your life. He says I love you.

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