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Pinjra 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 20th January 2021 Episode starts with Omkar thinking about Neil’s words that Mayura has forgotten her important phase of her life. He cries and thinks Mayura’s family haven’t told her as they hate him, as he troubled Mayura and them a lot. He says how to make her remember me and make them believe that I have changed now, I am Mayura’s Omkar now. He thinks to inform Mayura, her family and Neil. He then thinks he can’t put her in danger for his happiness. He says what could be good than she is alive and infront of me, if I tell her the truth then they will take her away from me. He says destiny might want Mayura to forget her Omkar. He sits down on the floor and cries. Mayura comes to the Omkar and asks him why is he sitting on the floor? She says I will take you to the bed. She helps him get up and makes him sit on the bed. Khawaish meri…song plays. Her chain gets stuck in his clothes. She frees it and apologizes to him for thinking him wrong. She says I hope that you will forgive me. She asks him to say. Omkar says I did wrong with you and asks can you forgive me for my doings. Mayura asks for what you are apologizing to me. She says I have forgiven you and asks him to press the bell button for help. She asks do you need anything for now? He says no. Mayura is about to go, when he calls her name. Mayura gets restless hearing her name from his mouth. He thanks her. Mayura says no problem. He smiles and thinks what I was thinking, if destiny didn’t want us to meet then it wouldn’t have make us meet, but we met. He says destiny wants me to win her heart again and tells that Mayura will realize that he has become that Omkar whom she wants to love.

Mayura is sleeping and sees in dream, how Omkar tries to make her remember him. She gets up shockingly and finds Omkar sitting on her bed. She asks why are you staring at me as if you know me. She turns and finds him not there. She realizes it is her imagination. Omkar waits for Mayura and thinks when you will come. Mayura thinks to go and check Omkar, when she collides with Neil and falls in his embrace. Nurse asks Omkar to sit on the bed. Omkar thinks to meet Mayura before she goes. Mayura says sorry. Neil asks where was she going? Mayura says she was going to see the yesterday patient? Neil says he is recovering after the hard slap and teases her. Mayura says again the hospital food. Neil says it is a matter of one day, just have it for now. He says I have convinced uncle that it is very difficult for her to travel now. He asks her to find out why he don’t want to stay in Bhopal.

Aishwarya talks to her mother while leaving in car and tells that she is doubtful about Mayura. She finds Mayura’s Dadi fighting with the auto driver along with her mother and thinks Mayura must be with them. Mayura is in the hospital and thinks she wants to fulfill her dream and treat the patients.

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