Pinjra 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 1st January 2021 Episode starts with Mayura waking up in the morning and recalls Aishwarya’s words. She realizes Omkar’s life is in danger. Police Constables come there and take Mayura from there. Mayura asks them to leave her hand. Aishwarya sits in the car and says Happy New year to me. Mayura asks them to leave her hand and listen to her. Aishwarya thinks driving is so fun. Inspector asks Mayura to tell, what she did with Omkar? Mayura says I was locked in the room since night. Manjiri says my son was missing since night, although Bali searched him. Mayura says I asked you to let me go. Manjiri asks Inspector to listen that Mayura did everything. Servant comes there and tells that one car is missing from the garage and also Aishwarya. Manjiri goes on blaming Mayura and asks Inspector to arrest her and make her confess the crime. She says Mayura was jealous of her new bahu also. Aishwarya thinks 2021 will be good. Mayura asks them to let her go and signs Shankar to divert their attention, as she looks at the Inspector’s gun. Shankar diverts Manjiri while Mayura snatches gun from Inspector and threatens to shoot them. She locks them and goes out. She keeps pistol on Constable’s head and asks him to give the keys. He gives her keys. Mayura sits in the car and starts driving. Aishwarya is in the car and driving still. Mayura thinks where is Omkar and searches him. She thinks to use Police van radio to locate Omkar’s car. She tells in the radio to inform her if someone sees the silver color car and tells the number. Aishwarya stops the car, in which Manish is unconscious on the back seat and Omkar is in the car decky. Aishwarya stops the car and thinks I don’t like to go down the valley. She tells unconscious Manish that he will be punished for cheating her and tells Omkar that money is important for her, nice meeting him. Omkar is unconscious still.

Mayura gets informer on the Police phone that someone saw this car going beyond Sunrise point. Mayura gets shocked. Aishwarya pushes the car and just then her phone rings. She stops pushing and goes to side. She thinks she shouldn’t have bring her phone, if it gets tracked. Mayura is coming there and thinks Aishwarya has done this, she took Omkar in the car. Manish gains consciousness and finds himself in the car. He gets down and thinks he shall elope.

Mayura is still on the way and thinks I won’t let anything happen to you Omkar. Omkar gains consciousness. Manish is running on the road, when a truck hits him and he gets severely injured. The truck driver and the helper get down to take him to the hospital. The car in which Omkar is, starts moving. Mayura’s jeep goes past Manish, but she don’t see him. Omkar shouts for help. Mayura hears him and gets down from the Police jeep. she shouts Omkar and runs behind the moving car. Omkar sees her running and asks her to take her out.

Manjiri asks why my son is not found still. Inspector asks we are searching him. Aishwarya comes there and tells that Mayura had kidnapped her in the night, when she goes out to get fresh air. Manjiri worries for Omkar. Aishwarya tells that there are many people with her, her boyfriend and goons. Manjiri gets worried. Aishwarya thinks even Mayura can’t save Omkar this time. Manish and Omkar, both will die. Mayura picks a stone and opens the decky fully. Omkar sees her and asks her to open his hands. He says he can’t move as both her hands and feet are tied. Mayura asks him not to panic and take long breaths. Omkar says car is going fast, take me out. She tries to open the rope while running behind the car. Omkar asks her to take him out. She throws the marbles on the road. Bali along with Police are searching Omkar. Manjiri prays to God to save Omkar. Shankar also prays for Mayura and Omkar. Mayura picks the marble and tries to cut the rope. Omkar looks at her and recalls their moments….He recalls his bad behavior towards her and locking her in the pinjara. Mayura struggles to free his hands…Omkar gets teary eyes recalling everything. Hamari Adhuri plays……He says if I was Mayura and you was Omkar then I would have killed you by now. He says you have saved me before and even you trying to save me. Mayura says where there is a hatred, there is a love. She says I never intended to kill you and will prove this. She says I will never let this happen and sees the valley in the front. Omkar says you was right and I was wrong. It was my mistake not to trust you. He asks her to move back. Mayura says I won’t let anything happen to you. The lamp sets off in Omkar’s home.


Pinjra 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Omkar is hanging on to the tree after falling in the valley and holding Mayura’s hand with his one hand. Omkar asks her to give him a chance for penance. Mayura says I have forgiven you Omkar. She leaves his hand and falls down in the valley. He shouts Mayura


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