Pinjra 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 18th December 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 18th December 2020 Episode starts with Mayura telling Omkar that her hatred will end very soon, if he tells that he repent for his actions. Omkar says my childhood was very bad, I have to get everything by snatching, then I met you and thought to keep you with myself. He says I kept you caged so that you don’t get snatched from me. Mayura asks what about this injury and scar, do you regret for this? Omkar says Mayura…he is about to say, when Aishwarya fires arrow at him. Mayura shouts and sees arrow on his back. She takes it out, but the arrow haven’t injured him. Aishwarya thinks how he can be fine? Mayura tells that she can take arrow on herself, but will not let anything happen to him. She tells that she has seen someone firing at him before and that’s why made him wear jute coat. Aishwarya and Manish hear them. Aishwarya says she will injure them anyone and is about to fire the arrow, when Mayura throws grass on them and leave with Omkar. Aishwarya says where did they go?

Mayura and Omkar get closer while resting on the grass. Maine Poocha yeh dil se…plays….Omkar kisses on her cheeks. They sleep. In the night, Omkar wakes up and finds himself closer to Mayura. He gets up shockingly seeing his scar cheek. He thinks how can I be here, with Mayura like this. He recalls drinking bhang and don’t remember after that. He thinks I can’t see Mayura’s bad face and can’t bear it. He is about to get up, when her mangalsutra gets stuck to his shirt. He thinks how can I be so close to her, I can’t believe. Mayura says Omkar ji while still sleeping….Omkar thinks what happened between us last night, why I couldn’t remember. He sees sun rays falling on her and thinks I shall not get affected by it. Mayura says Omkar ji…good morning. It was a good sleep, I have slept like this after a long time. She opens her eyes and finds herself in the grass. She looks at Omkar and thinks why I can’t remember anything. Omkar goes. Mayura sees torn jacket and jute shield. She thinks someone attacked Omkar last night. Omkar comes to the basti and gets his clothes and mobiles. Mayura comes behind him. Omkar blames Mayura for all the mistakes and asks why did you come behind me? Mayura says I came to save you. She says you couldn’t understand anything.

Omkar says I don’t want to see your face and asks her to leave. Mayura says when I leave, then you will repent. Omkar asks her to have the wrong impression. Manjari and Shankar come there. Manjari hugs Omkar, while Shankar hugs Mayura. Manjari is about to hit Mayura with lathi, but Omkar stops her and tells that he is tired of everyday’s drama. He asks her to let this go. Manjari says ok, my son’s peace is important to me and says lets go home. Aishwarya comes there and says no mummy ji. She says how he can be happy at home and tells that they came for honeymoon, but couldn’t spend any time with him. She says give me a chance to become a good wife. Manjari says I understand your feelings, but Omkar will go home right now due to safety reasons. Manjari gives something to Omkar and says this shield will protect you. Omkar thinks why my eyes couldn’t go off Mayura’s scarred face. He says I have to make Mayura understand that I hate her face. He says he will go on a honeymoon with Aishwarya in a nearby resort. Manjari says no and tells that Maarkesh is going on. Omkar says I will face any danger. Mayura thinks how to stop him.


Pinjra 19th December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Mayura hears Aishwarya planning to kill Omkar with Manish. She comes to inform Omkar.



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