Pinjra 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 16th October 2020 Mayura and Omkar Do the arti together. Omkar is fixing the back side of the idol. His clothe gets stuck in it. The idol is about to fall on Omkar. Mayura sees it and runs to save him. She holds the idol. Mayura tries to save the idol. Omkar shouts Mayura.. Piyush runs and holds it with her. Everyone runs to Mayura. and ask her if she’s okay. Dadi says thank God everything is fine. Omkar brings Mayura down. Mayura says thanks Piyush if you didn’t come. He says you saved the idol. You know how important it is for Omi. Mayura and Piyush talk.

Megha says to Omkar did you see.. They are such good friends. Two bodies, one soul. Mayura and Piyush laugh together. Omkar says are you both okay? Mayura says I am fine. He says this pooja is so important for me. Mayura says Mata Rani is happy with us. Mayura prays to keep Omkar and her happy.

Mayura is not wearing slippers. Omkar says why are you not wearing slippers? What if something hurts your feet? She says you don’t wear slippers for 9 days, I will help you. And you fast too. Omkar says you won’t fast. Please eat. She leaves. Megha says to Omkar you have such a big heart. MAyura and Piyush.. Omkar says not a single more important. I won’t hear a word against them. Be an SIL don’t abuse your relationship. Everyone comes. Manjali says what was she saying? Megha says I was talking about the pooja but he knows everything already.

Scene 2
Mayura makes Omkar eat. She says you’ve not eaten since morning. He says I am full. Mayura says no eat more. She makes him eat.

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