Pinjra 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 13th January 2021 Episode starts with the host calling the winner of the competition. He says Ms. Dubey comes to the stage and takes the prize. Omkar thinks if Mayura is Ms. Dubey. Nisha comes to the stage and receives prize from Omkar. Mayura is with Ashutosh and he takes her from there. He recalls seeing Omkar’s poster there and getting to know that he is the chief guest. He asks Mayura to come home. Mayura refuses and asks what is my mistake? Surekha asks her to come home. Ashutosh brings her home and locks her in the room. Mayura talks to Nisha and tells that she didn’t know why Papa has done this. Ashutosh tells that Omkar was in the competition as the Chief guest.

Mayura knocks on the door. Ashutosh tells Surekha that he can’t risk his daughter’s life and says she might have heard something related to him and that’s why her condition deteriorated. He says if she had seen him then what would have happen. Nisha asks if she will miss Sankranti also in the temple. Mayura says I don’t know what is God’s wish. Manjiri tells Omkar that God don’t want him to get Mayura and that’s why she is not found. Omkar thinks of the chunari which fell on his head and the kite. Aishwarya asks him to talk to her and see her once. Manjiri thinks Mayura has snatched my son from me. Omkar thinks he came to Bhopal by mistake and feels that she is here. Bali tells about the sankranti festival in the temple. Omkar hears him.

Omkar comes to the temple and closes his eyes, folds his hands before Mata Rani. A lady gives him puja plate and asks him to apply sindoor to his wife. Omkar tells her that his wife is missing and is not found. The lady asks him to keep the sindoor infront of Mata Rani and says she will make you meet your wife. Omkar prays to Mata Rani and asks her to make him meet his Mayura once. He says just once. Ashutosh/Akhilesh comes to the room and finds Mayura missing. Omkar does the aarti of the Goddess. The heavy wind comes there. Omkar takes the sindoor bottle in his hand. A girl comes running and pushes him. The Sindoor bottle falls from his hands and it gets applied on Mayura’s forehead, who is sitting and praying behind him. Omkar gets surprised and happy seeing Mayura.

Mayura opens her eyes. Omkar looks at her with tears in his eyes. He recalls their moments and cries. He also sits there and cries with smile on his face. Mayura’s heart beat increases seeing him. Tere liye plays…..Omkar smiles and cries too…He touches her cheeks and holds her hand. She gets some flashes. Just then something falls on him. He calls Mayura and finds her missing. He says my Mayura is alive, nothing has happened to her. He runs out of the temple. Nisha is seen holding Mayura’s hand. She tells that they shall eat the prasad. Mayura tells her about a guy in the temple. Nisha asks who is the guy and asks if this is color or sindoor. She asks did you marry someone? Omkar enquires with the people, if they see an orange color dress girl. The people say no. Omkar says he really saw her and asks God not to separate his Mayura from him. Mayura says that guy knew me…Omkar runs and coming there. Jai Jai Maa…plays….Omkar says you are my destination Mayura, you can’t go away from me. He starts running again. Nisha tells Mayura that if her Papa saw her then…She asks her to see her parents coming there. Ashutosh tells that he feels that Mayura is here and says if Omkar is here then? Surekha says he has gone home. Aishwarya thinks if Omkar and Manjiri had died with Mayura then it would have been good. Omkar continues to search Mayura and shows her pic to the people outside the temple. Omkar thinks I can’t lose Mayura again, I have to search her.


Pinjra 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nisha tells Mayura that a stranger is searching his lover. Mayura looks at him and feels connected with him. She thinks who was he? Omkar says he is Mayura’s Omkar.


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