Pinjra 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Pinjra 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pinjra 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Omkar walking on the road. Mayura comes there with her friend Nisha holding the kite. Her dupatta flies over and falls on Omkar’s head. Mayura looks for her dupatta, when the truck comes and stops on the way. Omkar and Mayura don’t see each other. Mayura senses strange and holds her locket. Omkar also feels strange and thinks who was that person, whose chunari fell on me. Mere Pass Hai tu plays……….She gets some black and white flashes of Omkar. Nisha comes to Omkar and asks can I take this chunari. Omkar says yes, I am sorry. She thanks him. He says welcome. Nisha goes. Omkar thinks why did I feel Mayura by touching this chunari. Neil comes there and hears announcement of the kite flying competition.

He says I was coming for this competition. Omkar thinks even Maa told him about this and says may be this was our destination. The organizer tells that he was sure that Omkar ji will not come and that’s why removed the boards and hoardings. Nisha comes and gives dupatta to Mayura. Ashutosh comes there. Mayura writes a motivational message on the kite and looks on. Manjiri talks to Omkar and asks if he don’t care for her respect. He asks her to see where is he? Manjiri sees him standing outside the jalsa and gets happy. She asks him to reach hotel, take bath and freshen up first. She says there is still time for Jalsa. Omkar says ok Maa, I will come.

Mayura and other participants participate in the kite flying competition. Mayura’s family cheer for her. Neil also cheers for her. Omkar reaches there. The host announces that just two participants are remaining now in the final round. Surekha asks why they are not taking Minty’s full name. Ashutosh says I asked the organizer to take her name as Ms. Dubey as I don’t want her Omkar to see her name or see her pic in the newspaper if she wins. Dadi says you did right. Omkar comes inside. Neil says you have missed everything, it was fun. Omkar thanks him for bringing him to the destination. He says I will come. Neil asks him to come fast and says don’t be late. Both Mayura and the other participant (kids) kites get cut. The organizer says whoever brings their kite back, will win. Omkar goes out of the fair and thinks why I have a feeling that Mayura is near. He sees Mayura’s kite and thinks he saw it. Mayura comes out and thinks what is happening to her, her heart beat increases. Omkar takes out the kite and reads the message on it. Mere Saath hai plays….Nisha comes to Omkar and says it is my kite, please give it. Omkar returns the kite. Nisha takes it and thanks him. She comes to Mayura and tells that there is surely some connection of yours with MP Ratan. Mayura asks where is he? Nisha says there…Mayura goes there and scolds asking how dare you to go without meeting me. Omkar turns and smiles. He sees Manjiri and smiles. Mayura is seen with Neil and scolding him for coming late. Neil says I have seen all your competition and says I swear. Ashutosh says you are eating the doctor’s brain who saved and treated you. Neil says he was taught how to deal with his patients. Ashutosh gives the credit to Neil for Mayura’s life. Neil says I am just a doctor and asks him to praise Mayura’s will power. He says Mayura had a wish to live, she sports the scar as the medal and facing the world. He gets a message and tells Mayura that he has emergency in the hospital. Mayura asks him to go. Neil thinks he talked about her to a stranger friend.

Manjiri asks Omkar to get ready and go to give the prize to the winner of the competition. Omkar says I don’t want to go, Minister will give away the prize. Manjiri says will take just 5 mins. Omkar says ok. Manjiri scolds the organizer for removing Omkar’s hoarding. He apologizes. Ashutosh tells that he will drink water till the prize distribution begins and goes. Host asks everyone to welcome their chief guest with claps. Omkar comes there and sits with the Minister. Minister greets him. Mayura feels the strange feeling.


Pinjra 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Omkar prays to Mata Rani to make him meet his Mayura. Mayura comes there and sits in the temple, folding hands. The sindoor falls on her head from Omkar’s plate.


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