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Pinjra 10th February 2021 Episode starts with Surekha and Dadi getting happy seeing Mayura ready for the engagement. Akhilesh says Neel called and said that he has left from the hospital. Electricity goes. Someone comes in car. Akhilesh says Neel has come. Mayura’s phone falls down. She takes him inside and asks what are you doing. Surekha asks someone switch off the lights. The guy is Omkar and he makes her wear the ring. Surekha says you would have waited until light comes back. Akhilesh switches on the lights and everyone sees Omkar making Mayura wear ring. Akhilesh gets upset. Neel finds the bomb just blackening his face and thinks this will be proved heavy on you. He comes there and shouts Omkar. He asks Mayura to throw the ring out. Mayura says it is stuck, I am feeling pain. Neel says I don’t care if it is paining and tries to take it out. Akhilesh says it is stuck, let it be. Neel says it will come out. omkar says Neel…Neel asks him to be silent and tries to get ring from her finger. Mayura shouts saying she is feeling pain. Omkar asks Neel to leave her hand and says Mayura can bear the pain, but not me. Neel says your game is finished in 5 seconds and calls Inspector, asking him to arrest Omkar, says he came here, although I have restraining orders against him. Mayura says restraining orders? Neel says yes I have taken it. Inspector handcuffs Omkar. Omkar says I didn’t come here, but Mayura herself gave me the contract to decorate here. He asks Inspector to ask. Inspector asks Mayura to say if she had given consent to Omkar to do the marriage arrangements. Mayura says I didn’t let him go and I gave him the contract of the marriage arrangements, this is truth. Inspector tells Neel that if Mayura had called Omkar then we can’t do anything. He apologizes to Omkar and reminds Neel not to waste their time. He goes. Neel asks Mayura why can’t you lie for 2 mins. Mayura says I can’t do. Akhilesh says you should have lied. Omkar sees her hand bleeding. Mayura says she wants to be alone. Akhilesh scolds Omkar and asks him to leave. He apologizes the guests and says this function can’t happen today. Neel apologizes to Akhilesh and says I couldn’t control my anger seeing Omkar. He says this was just a rasam, I will only marry Mayura. He asks him to make preparation of sangeet and says I will see how to stop Omkar.

Mayura thinks of Omkar and her conversation with Nisha. Omkar comes there and holds her hand. Mayura says Omkar ji….you. He lifts her and makes her rest on the bed. She holds his hand and kisses on it. Omkar sits at her bedside. She says I couldn’t understand you, sometimes I feel that you are egoistic, but you have just love in yourself. He says I shall stay away from you, but I get restless when away from you and feels peace when I am with you. She asks who are you? Omkar says I am the one, with whom you are related for births. She sleeps. Omkar says nobody can separate us and leaves.

Neel asks the guards to see Omkar’s pic and says he shall not come here. The guards say ok. Akhilesh comes there. Neel says this is high security guards and says they will make sure Omkar don’t come inside. Omkar comes there and wishes him for sangeet. Security guard asks them to go inside and tells Omkar that he shall not go inside. Omkar thanks them for giving him holiday and says if I make arrangements then when will I get ready for sangeet. Neel gets angry. Omkar says Mayura…you are looking beautiful, gives her flying kiss and tells that he will meet her in the evening.

Later in the evening, Neel and Mayura come for the sangeet. Omkar and Bali drink soft drink. Omkar says you are drunk Bali. Bali smiles and says yes, I am drunk..He smiles. Nisha tells that Mayura has made a special performance for Omkar. Mayura says yes Neel, I want to connect with you with my heart. Bali acts to get drunk and comes to the guards. The guards ask him to go from there. While they take to send him away, Omkar enters the sangeet hall. Mayura is dancing with her family while Neel enjoys the dance. Omkar comes and watches her dance. Neel is about to go to her, but falls down. Omkar runs and jumps there, to hold her from falling down.

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