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Pavitra Bhagya 27th July 2020 Episode Pranati says I may not be able to love anyone as much as I loved you. You dint do the right thing. He says I did the right thing. I broke your heart at the right time or you would have cried your entire life. I saved your life. Everything in our house / family is a deal. We are taught that relations should thrive only where there is profit. Understand it that you got saved! Archit says he might have been right about something for the first time in life. Pranati and Reyansh are surprised to see him there. Archit apologizes for coming early morning. My sister told me to give this to you.

Maan and Armaan come downstairs. Armaan hides as soon as he notices Navya there. Navya joins his brother. Reyansh thinks they will irk Pranati now. Archit tells Pranati this is the bill she paid in the hospital. Navya refuses to take any favour from them.

Maan asks Armaan why he is hiding. Armaan says she will kill me if she finds out that I am from Khurana family.

Navya tells Pranati to do charity somewhere else. I would have returned this blood to you also if it was up to me. Keep this for now. Pranati says I did what I thought was right at that time. Navya refuses to hear any excuses. Reyansh interrupts her. You don’t give cheque in return of blood. You wouldn’t have been capable of insulting her if she hadn’t given you blood at that time. You are alive because she kept you alive. What is the price of your life then? Pranati is touched by his words. Dadi asks them what’s happening here. She tells Navya to do this drama somewhere else. I will give you addresses of some beggars if you are so interested in sending cheques to people. You might end up actually helping someone that way.

Armaan finds out what’s happening downstairs and pats at his head in disbelief.

Dadi tells Navya to look around and realise where she is at this moment. She says I am not interested in staying here either. Dadi warns her to leave asap then. Everyone knows how I don’t spare anyone. Navya isn’t bothered. I don’t know you! Dadi gets angry. Navya is relentless. Archit asks her to come but Navya tells Dadi they have earned more respect than her if not money. Dadi tells Reyansh to throw this ill-mannered girl outside. Archit looks at Pranati and then takes Navya from there. Reyansh stops Pranati from going after them. Let them go. You aren’t right for him. You said that you can only give him pain right now. Don’t give him a lifetime of pain for a day’s love. Pranati looks at him sadly. Reyansh says it is better to break a heart in one go rather than breaking it multiple times. A relation might begin anyhow but it ends badly always. A relation like marriage is almost next to impossible to live by. A woman might say it but it isn’t easy to actually live it. Let him go.

Reyansh is reading a book titled How to Impress A Girl. Armaan teases him. Why am I getting a makeover? What’s the plan? Reyansh smiles.

Flashback shows Reyansh visiting Riya’s cafe to find out more about her.

Reyansh gives tips to Armaan on how to make a girl fall for someone. He shares the logics that were once told to him by Pranati.

Armaan asks Riya to give him a job at her cafe. He flirts with a random customer. Riya observes him all along. Armaan later flirts with Navya. He does double shift and tries to keep his boss and love interest happy.

Reyansh is checking out girls on a dating app. Pranati asks him if he has helped Jugnu with her homework. He has no idea what it was. You help her today. I will help her next time. She says the essay is on My Papa. You think I can help her? You have to make that video all by yourself. He agrees. He suggests her to make her profile on the app as well. We are in this for 6 months only. She asks him if he isn’t ashamed of it. They continue to bicker when Jugnu enters. Jugnu asks them who taught them to love. You both are always after each other all the time! Reyansh lungs at his phone as it isn’t locked and the screen is still on. Jugnu tells Reyansh to make the video for her homework when his drama is over. Pranati intentionally offers to help but he denies. He excuses himself as he realises something.

Armaan gets Reyansh’s call. He is at Navya’s place. Armaan is breathing heavily. Reyansh asks him if he was in the middle of some action. Armaan lies to him. He goes aside to speak to Reyansh. Reyansh tells him that Riya needs a tutor. Armaan ends up speaking about fixing his marriage. Navya overhears it and questions him but Armaan denies. We are speaking about studies here. He tries to cover up but his brother knows him too well. Armaan assures him that he will fix it.


Pavitra Bhagya 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Pranati is in the kitchen when Reyansh requests her to help him bring Riya closer to Armaan. Slowly, starts taking care of Pranati.

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