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Pavitra Bhagya 23rd July 2020 Episode Pranati is holding Jugnu in her lap in the backseat. Reyansh is still stunned but Pranati tells him to drive. They bring Jugnu to hospital. Pranati is crying badly. She looks around and wonders where Reyansh is.

Reyansh is speaking to Dadi about Jugnu’s condition. I am not an emotional person and cannot act to be her father there. Dadi tells him to just stay next to Pranati with a sad face. Doc asks Pranati and Reyansh questions about Jugnu but they have no clue about anything. They honestly admit that they got their daughter back just now. Reyansh and Pranati get their blood tests done. Reyansh makes a face.

Reyansh asks Pranati if she wasn’t afraid of the injection. I freaked out. Pranati says you freak out over everything. Nurse informs them that Reyansh’s blood group is same as Jugnu. He gets tensed. Reyansh gets scared seeing the blood he has given just now. Pranati calls him disgusting. I wish Jugnu’s blood has matched with mine. I would have given my life for her. Reyansh tells her to go ahead.

Armaan thanks Navya (Archit’s sister) for coming out with him. She says I am neither saying yes nor no to anything. Where did you disappear the other day? He tells her to live in the present. Navya refuses to drink Khurana’s alcohol. I hate Reyansh Khurana and his entire family! He asks her what happened. She says he screwed everything. Armaan thinks that Bhai hasn’t spared anyone. I will be beaten if I try to get into the details. He still asks her what happened with Reyansh. Navya shares that she was in Paris all these years but Reyansh ruined his family while she was away. Armaan manages to convince her for the beer somehow. They meet with an accident as soon as they do cheers.

Reyansh asks Pranati to call nurse. I am feeling dizzy seeing you pace around like this. Ward boys wheel in Navya just then. Armaan peeks from the door. Reyansh wonders where he has seen the girl. He notices Armaan and finds out what happened. Armaan tells him everything and requests his brother to save him. In the meantime, Pranati informs Archit. Reyansh asks Pranati about the girl. Pranati reminds him that she is Archit’s sister.

Dadi looks at her phone and starts crying. Her sons ask her what made her cry finally. Dadi shares that they have lost all the contracts. Bishambhar got all the contracts. Our license hasn’t been cancelled though. Shamsher asks her if she isn’t concerned about Jugnu. Dadi says she has our blood. She will be fine. We must think of how to get the contracts though. Her younger says we would have managed things if Triloki (politician) had another daughter. Dadi gets thinking.

Pranati’s blood group matches with Navya’s blood group. She willingly offers to give her blood which surprises Reyansh. Pranati says she is Archit’s sister. He is the guy who accepted me for who I am. He has a right to hate me but I don’t! Reyansh smiles and calls her a sample. Go and save her.

Dadi beats Armaan. What were you two doing? He says we went on a long drive. She only wanted to have beer. She knows he is lying and he immediately admits that he is. She wonders how to save them now. Kesar informs them that police is at the door. Dadi warns Armaan to repeat the same story in front of police. Armaan starts mumbling within seconds as soon as they reach the door. Inspector tells them that they wont pursue the matter further. We got a phone call already. Dadi thanks them. They leave. Armaan boasts about it but Dadi slaps him. I know how to use people. Flashback shows Dadi calling Bishambhar for help to settle down the matter with police. He willingly agrees. Armaan thanks Dadi but she tells him she has added it in his account. I will make you pay for it at the right time.

Pranati requests Jugnu to wake up. I wont scold you ever again. I am sorry. She cries thinking about how rude she was with Jugnu earlier.

Pranati notices Archit in the corridor and goes to him. She assures him that Navya will be fine. He asks her to look into his eyes and tell him that she loves Reyansh. She fumbles so he tells her to let it be. You don’t look good when you lie. She calls it bad timing. He says it is right. I don’t understand what you are thinking. You called me here gave blood to Navya. Just say it that you love me. He is about to hold her hand when Reyansh says it wasn’t for your sister but for our daughter. Those who take sympathy as love lose everything. He holds Pranati’s hand. She told you she doesn’t love you and may not have loved you ever. It would be better if you take care of your loved ones and I will take care of mine. Take care. He takes Pranati from there.

Reyansh brings Pranati to Jugnu’s ward. She is still shaken up. He tells her that she loves Archit. Stop lying. She says I don’t love him. I feel angry thinking how much I hurt him. He comforts her as she cries her heart out. Fanaa title song plays in the background.


Pavitra Bhagya 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Jugnu wakes up. Reyansh and Pranati hold her hands on each side. Jugnu smiles and so does Pranati and Reyansh. Pranati looks at their happy faces and thinks that they are really a family. The mystery lady walks inside the ward while Reyansh and Pranati are sleeping next to Jugnu. The lady signals Jugnu to come to her. Jugnu shouts loudly about ghost. Pranati and Reyansh wake up with a start. Reyansh follows the lady in the corridor.

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