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Pavitra Bhagya 21st July 2020 Episode Pranati says it is possible. I dint love you the way I loved Reyansh! Both Reyansh and Archit look up in surprise / shock. Archit asks her if she was lying to him till now about Reyansh. Pranati says I don’t owe you any explanation but Archit’s sister insists upon an answer. I wouldn’t have let this happen to my Bhai if I was in India. I know girls like you. Reyansh must have given you a lot of money to be with him. I have heard all that was said about you in the court and it appears to be true. You can play with a person’s feelings well. She mocks the book chosen by Pranati. Try to be a good human being first of all. You think you will be a good mother ever? You dumped my brother for a guy who has slept with half of this town! You are gold digger. Reyansh steps forward. Behave if you have any manners. I agree Pranati is not my first choice but she is not a gold digger. If you think she is so bad then it is good that your brother dint marry her. Archit cannot defend a girl! He holds Pranati close and speaks romantically to her. Archit and his sister walk away. Pranati is in tears.

Pranati cries thinking about what Archit’s sister had just said to her. Reyansh says Archit will never trouble you again. He will hate you for this. She says I hope this happens. He hands her a tissue. You broke his trust but saved him from heartbreak. My Ma broke my heart too but she left me for forever later. She says it is good to cry. He says I know this is a test for you two. It is better to die than be in paralysis mode. Pranati wonders how deeply hurt he is from inside. he asks her to come. I want to sleep a little. Pranati receives a call from Jugnu’s school.

Jugnu has burst crackers in the school. Reyansh cannot stop laughing. Pranati sends him outside with Jugnu. They both have a good laugh outside. Reyansh calls it a rocking entry in school. Do whatever you have to but just avoid getting caught.

Principal gives last warning to Pranati. Pranati assures her it wont happen again. Principal nods. Pranati looks at Jugnu who says I will bring my bag. We must have been told to go home. Pranati tells her to go to her class. We will talk at home. She walks away. Reyansh reminds Jugnu not to get caught. He leaves as well.

Jugnu is walking absentmindedly in the corridor. She feels as if someone’s presence and turns around. A lady holds out a paper wheel for her. Jugnu refuses to take it and walks away. The lady asks the peon to keep her updated with whatever Jugnu is up to.

Khurana brothers are happy after hearing Jugnu’s tales but Dadi takes credit for it. Jugnu has my DNA. I have to now think how to keep that girl away from the school. Jugnu smiles hearing it. Someone is standing close by holding the paper wheel. Dadi says she is always up to something. She can do a lot of mischief if we let her do as she pleases. Jugnu heads to her room. Dadi asks Reyansh to come with her to the liquor meeting. Mallika’s father called me again and said that Mallika is going crazy for him again. Bring Pranati with you.

Pranati makes yummy food for Jugnu. Have it to your heart’s content. Our deal will be called off otherwise as you are breaking your promise. Reyansh asks Pranati to get ready to go to the business party. Pranati denies but Reyansh reminds her of their deal. He also convinces Jugnu to go to school. Pranati goes to get ready. Jugnu smiles thinking that the house will be empty now.

Pranati is looking for her phone cover when Reyansh steps out of the bathroom wearing his towel. She hides her face but he enjoys teasing her. Jugnu calls out to Reyansh who runs back inside the bathroom. Jugnu asks Pranati about Bandar Papa. He was going to make my ponies. Pranati offers to do it but Jugnu insists upon Reyansh making it. Pranati looks on emotionally as Reyansh does that.

Dadi gets a call and is shocked.

The same lady is seen keeping an eye on Jugnu.

Dadi scolds Reyansh. You all have maligned my name. He asks her what happened. She speaks of the college reunion party. Sameer Gehlot has more liquor stores than us. Reyansh says that marriage was fixed already. Dadi says Mallika’s father will give the biggest store to him now. Reyansh tells her to think what would have happened if he was going to marry Mallika. She pushes him away. We would have been ruined! Flashback shows Dadi trying to convince Mallika’s father about Reyansh and Mallika’s wedding. He instead threatens her on the license. Flashback ends. Dadi says we would have still gotten the licesne if you had been nice but we have raised serpents. Reyansh asks her who has fed him poison since childhood. I wouldn’t have been like this if you had chosen the right woman for your son. Dadi says you would have been still the same as you have my and your father’s blood in your veins.

Kesar asks Dadi about what she will wear. Dadi gives abrupt answers. She asks Kesar why Reyansh is asking about his mother these days. Kesar says seems like he hasn’t gotten over her yet. Dadi dismisses her.

Jugnu is watching tv and eating snacks. Dadi asks her what she is watching. Jugnu says I am watching Code Red. It is airing a story about Dadi and her grandmother. The little girl killed her Dadi as she tried to bully her. Dadi tells her not to watch such shows. Jugnu continues to scare her. Dadi sends her to her room with Kesar. Kids don’t stay up till this hour. Jugnu says your kids are still awake. Dadi and Jugnu continue to argue. Dadi tells Kesar to change her medicines. I don’t trust this girl. Jugnu is sure Dadi wont be able to sleep now.

Everyone leaves for the party. Dadi thinks to get either Maan or Armaan married to a rich family to boost their business.

Reyansh steps inside the hall first. Pranati slips and he holds her. Reyansh asks her if she cannot stop falling. You do this every time. She asks him if he thinks she does this intentionally. He nods. He holds her hand as she tries to go inside.


Pavitra Bhagya 22nd July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Pranati and Reyansh dance at a party. Dadi notices something strange. Pranati tries to walk away but Reyansh holds her close. Do it for Jugnu if not for yourself. Pranati gives in. Later, Jugnu is seen lying unconscious on the floor. There is blood on her forehead.

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