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Pavitra Bhagya 18th March 2020 Episode Start With Pranati’s attempts to save Jugnu don’t interest her at all. Has someone you my supari. Pranati says I will tell you everything later but Jugnu insists upon knowing right away. What is your relation with me? Why are you after me? Pranati admits that she is her mother. Jugnu stops in her tracks in shock. She drops the pot. Pranati hugs her tight. Gattu keeps throwing the pots at the guards all this while. Pranati keeps kissing Jugnu. Nothing will happen to you. Jugnu pushes her away. You are lying! This is what everyone does. You will make me a maid too like everyone else. Pranati denies. I am indeed your mother. Jugnu shouts at her. I told you I have no mother. Why are you saying this nonsense? Guards ask her to return Jugnu. Pranati warns them to stay away and hits them. She bites on one of the guards’ hand and runs away with Jugnu. Gattu is still there. Gattu decides to call police as he finds a phone lying there.

Reyansh is thinking of his Dadi’s words. His mind keeps racing back to Pranati as he sips onto his drink. Why am I thinking of her again and again when I have decided to leave my past behind?

Jugnu tells Pranati to leave her hand but Pranati requests her to listen to her. guards are chasing them closely. Police jeep arrives just then. Inspector asks Pranati if this is the same girl who she was looking for. Pranati nods. Inspector asks about their relation. Pranati says she is my daughter. Guards deny. Inspector asks them who they are. Jugnu says they are from Bal Mandir orphanage. How can I go with them when my mother is with me? She hugs Pranati. Pranati gets emotional. Police arrests all the guards. Jugnu thinks she had to do this drama to save herself form the Matron. She calls Pranati Ma again and hugs her. Pranati is overwhelmed.

Reyansh is home. Such a mess happened because of that one little kid there! He stops talking as he thinks of Pranati. He scolds Armaan next. Gym is a no smoking zone. Armaan says it was also a dry day. They both argue again. Dil tells them to calm down. Are we safe now? Has that girl left town? Reyansh nods. Don’t trouble me like Dadi now. Dadi calls out to Reyansh just now. All the boys hide their bottles before opening the door. Dadi tells Reyansh that police called just now. Jugnu was spotted with a girl in this very city. You are lying to me? I don’t want her to give any statement. We will lose everything we get caught!

Pranati brings Jugnu home. Pranati’s father gives her laddoo. Pranati’s mother looks at Jugnu from a distance. She is the same girl! Pranati’s father hugs Jugnu. I am your Nana. Jugnu makes a face but chooses to focus on the laddoo. Chetna gives her her watch. Jugnu smiles. Everything is good. Will I get enough food to eat? Pranati says you will get as much as you want to eat. Jugnu decides to stay here for a while. I will eat properly and get gifts. She jumps on the sofa. Pranati’s SIL tells her to take her shoes off. I just cleaned everything. Her FIL tells her to let her be. She has just found a home. She might have been through so much. He looks at his wife. Pranati tells him not to force Ma to meet her daughter. She takes Jugnu to her room. Jugnu lies down happily. Pranati tells her that this room now belongs to her as well. Jugnu tells her she is doing drama. I don’t want to go back to that orphanage or be caught by that Matron again! Don’t cry in front of me. Your emotional dialogues bore me very much. Thank you for saving me from those goons but don’t dance on my head now! Pranati assures her she will be very happy here. Jugnu asks her if she watches daily soaps. Pranati says I say this as you are my daughter. Jugnu says I dint know I had a mother. She says some filmy plot. All this looks good in movies only! Pranati fails in making her understand anything. Jugnu says there is a shortage of maids but you find kids easily. I will neither stay here nor work. Pranati calls her beta fondly but Jugnu threatens to escape right away. Pranati tells her to do whatever she wants, live the way she wants. No one will stop you from doing anything here but please don’t talk about leaving. Jugnu comes back inside. I have some conditions. One, you will stop this soap drama. Two, I want to have gola. Get me one immediately. Pranati tries to hug her but Jugnu pushes her away. I just told you not to act emotional again. Pranati apologizes to her. I will bring gola for you. She leaves. Jugnu thinks she is emotional but not that bad.

Next morning, Reyansh and Dil are speaking to their friends about Pranati. Can you not find one girl named Pranati in this city? Dil asks Reyansh if he is sure Pranati took that girl with her. Reyansh nods. Dil says she remembers your house and everything but you cannot even remember her surname. Reyansh recalls it just then. It is Sharma. Armaan and his brother bring 2 girls with them. They know Pranati. Both the girls know Reyansh and vice versa. Everyone starts arguing with each other. Reyansh gets irked. He shouts at them to be quiet and leave. Reyansh apologizes to the girls as his brothers brought him here like that. They ask her what he wants from Pranati. Dil says he wants to get back with her. Reyansh cooks a story but they have no clue of Pranati’s whereabouts. They leave.

Dil notices Reyansh lost in thoughts. What are you thinking? Reyansh says I was wondering why Pranati was so eager to find that girl. It was her wedding day but she was looking for that girl. Why?


Pavitra Bhagya 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Jugnu tells Pranati her favourite colour is black. Reyansh tells Dil about his favourite color. Pranati watches Jugnu as she eats gola. Police informs Reyansh’s family that about Jugnu. She is not in a condition to speak right now.

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Telecast Date: 18th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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