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Pavitra Bhagya 12th March 2020 Episode Start With Guards inform Matron that Jugnu and Gattu are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they escaped during the fire. Matron tells them to find them at every corner. Pranati shouts at them not to even touch her daughter. I will break your hand otherwise. She glares at her mother as she wipes her tears. She walks away.

Inspector tells Pranati to sit down. She continues pacing worriedly. Junior informs Inspector that they saw the kids running towards the bus stop. They ran away before we could catch up with them. It seems that they were hiding from us. They would have come to seek our help if they needed our help. Pranati leaves.

Reyansh and his brothers are arguing about the entire situation. They blame Reyansh but he says everyone should take responsibility for it equally. They continue arguing amongst each other. Dilpreet speaks of Reyansh’s belt which angers him. Reyansh’s brother calms him down. Do something but find that girl. Reyansh asks him if he will do everything on his own. They offer to help him but Reyansh leaves on his own. I hate kids yet Dadi has sent him to find her. I don’t know what my relation with that girl is.

Jugnu and Gattu are in market. Gattu tells Jugnu they wont leave them easily. Till when will we run? Jugnu says we will elope to Mumbai tonight. We will soon have a new life!

Pranati is looking for Jugnu in the same market area. She keeps thinking of Matron’s words and of her first meeting with Jugnu. She cries thinking of how she lost Jugnu in the party today. Come what may I will find you at any cost!

Jugnu and Gattu are sitting on the side of a street and eating. Gattu wonders why Matron and her guards beat them so often. Jugnu says I am a mess but you are very nice. Gattu says they hate us as we don’t have parents. Jugnu says it may be. Orphan kids also have a right to become whatever they want to! It is not necessary that they should become maid in someone’s house. He asks her what she wants to be when she grows up. She says I don’t know yet but I don’t want to be a maid. He says same and they high five.

Reyansh is looking for Jugnu in the same market. He spots her eating samosa with Gattu on the side of the street. He walks up to them. Jugnu picks a knife and starts running. She tells Gattu to follow her but Reyansh catches her. You are the reason why that fire broke out there. Come with me. She threatens him with the knife. Reyansh tells her to be careful. You are a kid. you may get hurt. She calls him a fool. Back off and let me go. Gattu tells Reyansh not to mess with Jugnu. She does whatever she says. She has done it many times. He tries to intimidate her but in vain. Gattu repeats his warning to Reyansh. She acts first and thinks later. He wonders how their parents will be. She calls them thieves. I am making them proud by doing all this!

Pranati notices a small girl wearing similar headband as Jugnu. She walks up to that girl with hope in her eyes but her smile disappears the moment she notices that girl’s face.

Jugnu asks Reyansh if he is in a rush to die. He asks her how she knows Marshal Arts too. From where did you learn it? She gives credit to her Matron. He tries to break the ice but in vain. He asks her to come with him. I will give you money in return. She agrees but keeps a condition. Drop me and Gattu to the bus stop afterwards or I will complain to police that you are the one who started the fire and later left me alone to die there. Reyansh is taken aback. Gattu says she is too cruel.

Pranati comes in front of a car while running. Driver reprimands her for not being careful.

Reyansh accepts Jugnu’s condition. He takes them in his jeep. Pranati notices Jugnu sitting in the car. She runs after the car but Reyansh drives away. Pranati follows the car in an auto (which she drives herself as the driver is nowhere to be seen). She manages to overtake the car right in front of the wishing tree. Reyansh reprimands her for driving recklessly. Her dupatta flies away and falls over Reyansh. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other in shock. They think of their past. She recalls a conversation about marriage and kids. She stares at him in shock. She forms her hands into fists on her sides. Reyansh hugs her. My God, it’s you!


Pavitra Bhagya 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Pranati shouts at Reyansh seeing which Jugnu hides behind him. She wont go with you. It will be what I say! You don’t grow up just by growing a beard! He asks her what she is trying to say. What do you want from this girl? She fumbles.

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Telecast Date: 12th March 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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