Patiala Babes 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 4th December 2019 Episode Start With Minnie with Arya returns home and complains about throwing tantrums and making customers leave Patiala Babes restaurant. Arya says she just said truth that soup was not as tasty as mamma used to prepare. NB says not at the stake of customers. Arya asks if it is wrong to say truth.

Minnie says she is right and tells Dadaji always taught her to tell truth always. Dadaji says she is right. NB asks what if truth make someone’s losses. Dadaji says they are not businessmen to bother about profit or loss, truth should never be compromised. NB says they are spoiling her poti/granddaughter. Minnie smilingly says Dadiamma is so cute, nobody is spoiling her poti. She praises Arya for telling truth.

Arya wakes up at nigth hearing thunders and walks to Minnie’s room wearing blanket. Minnie checking mails on laptop gets happy seeing boss’ mail. She then sees blanket walking to her and thinks a thief enters. Arya peeps out of blanket and asks if she thought a thief has come. Minnie says yes. Arya says it is a policeman’s house. Minnie says already a thief had come. Arya asks when. Minnie describes the incident and how she punished thief with her karate moves.

Arya asks where was she then. Minnie laughs. Arya asks why was she so happy. Minnie says her boss has messaged about a new project in Jordan, so she will fly from here soon. Arya hugs Minnie tightly when thunder hits in sky. Minnie asks if she is afraid of thunder. Arya says no and says she will sleep with Minnie as she must be afraid of thunder. Minnie smiles. Arya sleeps on one side of bed with her toys and greets each toy goodnight. Minnie gets irritated. Arya says Veer Balika goodnight and falls asleep.

Next morning, Minnie wakes up and pampers sleeping Arya. She then walks to kitchen. Arya wakes up and not finding Minnie walks out. She sees Minnie in kitchen and asks if she is preparing tea. Minnie says yes. Minnie serves her tea. Arya asks why she is so good with her today. Minnie says her mood is good today. Arya sees her light tea and asks why her tea is light and Minnie’s tea is dark. Minnie says because Arya is fairer than her. Arya checks and says they both are same as they are sisters. Minnie gets emotional. Arya sips tea. Minnie laughs and says she got tea mustache. Arya says even she has.. Their nok jhok continues.

Minnie goes to restaurant and checks chef’s cooking style. Arya tells Geeta that Minnie will not find problem in recipes at all and asks Simpy to prepare palak soup. NB tells Simpy prepares dishes with Babita’s recipes. Simpy starts preparing palak soup while Geeta reads Babita’s recipe. She adds spices with her hand without measuring. Minnie stops her when she tries to add 1.5 tsp salt without measuring and says it is more than 1.5 tsp. Simpy argues it is exactly 1.5 tsp. Minnie gives her 2 tsps and asks her to add salt in them. Simpy does and even after filling 2 tsps some is left in her hand. Minnie says this is the reason her dishes are not getting closer to Babita’s recipes. Simpy says she is cooking since 3 years and was Babita’s assistant chef, Babita used to put spices from her hand. Minnie says Simpy has 3 years experience while Babita had 22 years’ experience.


Patiala Babes 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arya tells Minnie that she doesn’t have to sit behind Minnie again as she is going back to Australia. Minnie says Jordan. Arya says whatever it is, she should go soon. Minnie gets sad hearing that.


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