Patiala Babes 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 29th November 2019 Episode Start With NB tells Minnie that with Minnie leaving their house, their happiness is gone. Minnie checking HS’ belongings asks what had happeend in 5 years. NB tells Babita used to always miss Minnie and used to cry always. Minnie cries holding her and Babita’s photo. Laala says Babita used to cry alone at home. Minnie asks where was HS and asks NB to tell truth. NB says after Minnie left, she stopped visiting Babita’s house, HS used to visit her sometimes, Babita used to blame herself and sometimes HS for Minnie leaving home. Laala says their differences increased and HS used to spend most of the time in police station instead of home; soon Babita became pregnant and their differences cleared.

NB continues that Babita comes to her room and cried profusely lying on her lap, they both needed her, Arya was born and HS/Babita got busy taking care of Arya, Babita used to tell she will make Arya like Minnie and will give her the love she deserves. Laala says Babita wanted Patiala Babes catering services back, so she tried to get it back from Khatri, but Khatri didn’t agree, so Babita and HS decided to open Patiala Babes Restaurant and needed capital, Biji and Dadaji gave their savings of around 5 Lakhs to Babita and HS mortgaged his haveli to open Patiala Babes Restaurant. Minnie asks what happened next. Laala says she can listen to the rest of story via HS himself and gives her camera with HS’ recording.

Minnie after taking bath starts HS’ video. HS greets her, asks how is weather in Australia, and says her mummy is opening Patiala Babes restaurant, they are busy taking care of Arya who is Minnie’s replica, etc. Babita calls him, and he disconnects video. He records video again informing he bought a haveli to open restaurant and tomorrow is bhoomi pooja and Babita has decided to gift it to her both daughters, his mother is not coming in front of her as she is nervous to face her.

Minnie continues crying reminiscing NB’s words when Arya snatches camera from her saying it is her papa’s camera. Minnie asks her to return it for sometime. Arya runs away holding camera, walks to her room and checks video excitedly, but seeing HS addressing only Minnie angrily tries to throw it away. Biji enters on time and stops her. Arya resists, but Biji takes camera from her. Arya cries saying everyone loves only Minnie, so she hates Minnie and wants her to go away from here. Minnie reminisces further time spent with Babita, their first catering contract, etc.. and thinks if they developed so much differences that Babes didn’t speak to her at all.

In the morning, Minnie searches Patiala Babes Restaurant and reaching there shed tears of joy seeing Patiala Babes Restaurant name board; reminisces telling Babes that she can do it. She touches board shedding tears and imagines Babita calling her and smilinglly says Babes did it. She sees Laala dropping his wife Geeta near restaurant and chatting with her romantically. Geeta then sees Minnie and asks her what is she doing here, if she will not come in. Minnie nervously walks away.


Patiala Babes 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arya asks Minnie if she will not see her mamma’s restaurant and holding her hand takes her in.


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