Patiala Babes 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 22nd August 2019 Episode Start With Babita hurriedly opens door and shyingly walks in when HS walks in. Minnie watching from balcony gets happy thinking Babes was speaking to HS over phone then, no wonder didn’t here her at all, thinks she should not watch parents’ romance and walks to her room hiding her eyes. Babita and HS look at each other shyingly when Dadaji and Biji walk in calling HS.

HS touches their feet. Biji says they are very excited after hearing about their proposal and since they don’t have parents, they want to make their wedding arrangements and they called pandit to fix wedding date. Seeing them nervous, Dadaji says looks like they came at wrong time, so they will come later. Babita and HS stand silently. Biji asks Babita if she liked her gift. Minnie hearing their conversation runs down wearing earrings and asks Biji how is she looking. Biji says she gave them to Babita.

Babita stands confused. Minnie says she forcefully took it from Babita and signals her. Babita nods yes. Minnie says she is a bad girl. Biji says she is from childhood. Minnie says let us go to NB’s house and enjoy ice cream. They both walk with her. Minnie says let us give them some privacy and goes to close door when she hears HS telling Babita that senior citizens came at wrong time, etc. She closes door silently and leaves.

Minnie then gets Biji and Dadaji’s favorite ice cream and asks if they liked it. Biji says they should have fixed wedding date via pandit. Dadaji says let us call Babita and HS here. Minnie reminiscing HS’ words says let us not disturb them and from hereon they will call her before coming to HS’ house. Dadaji says how can old man and woman deny their granddaughter’s order.

Biji says he is old and not her, they should start wedding arrangements soon. Dadaji says HS is government employee and they should fix wedding date according to his leaves. Minnie says he is right and anyways NB would have already thought about her son’s wedding, let groom’s side also make some effort. She asks her again to let love birds spend some quality time together and not disturb them and leaves once she finishes ice cream.

HS and Babita’s conversation continues. She remembers HS’ bitter words and walks up. He asks if she liked his gifted earrings. She removes them and says she is hurt by his bitter words and cannot forgive him. He asks if she still remembers that incident. She says he didn’t even apologize for his mistake and his ego is bigger than his love for her. He says nothing is bigger than his love for her and apologizes her. She calms down and forgiving him asks to return her earrings.

He returns and she wearing them asks how is she looking. He nods yes and walks away saying he got some important work. Minnie walks in and asks where is he going in a hurry, he had come from duty early to meet Babes. HS says he got some important work, so he is going out. Minnie asks why he looks dull, if he has work related stress or fought with Babes, if they fight again she will get angry as he promised to keep her Babes happy always. He says that is why.. She asks that is why?? He asks to go up and see what is her mother doing and walks away.

Minnie walks to Babita and asks what happened. Babita engrasped in HS’ thoughts window shopping wedding lehengas. Minnie repeats what happened. Babita shows lehangas online and says says these are so pretty. Minnie relaxes thinking the didn’t fight. Babita says she will select her wedding dress herself, earlier mothers used to select it. Minnie say she has all the freedom to select her wedding dress and everything she likes, it is her wedding, she should seek fate more than she deserves.

Babita says she learnt from life to snatch our right as no one will give it in their hands, she wants to fulfill all her wishes this time; asks if she is telling right. Minnie says she is right, forget about people and enjoy her life and keep her cute smile on always. Babita emotionally hugs her and says Poonam was telling she is so egoistic that she broke her project in childhood, she can tell Poonam that HS apologized her and she didn’t break her project also. Minnie asks if HS apologized her. Babita says she asked HS to choose between his ego and her, he chose her. Minnie realizes what HS meant.


Patiala Babes 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : HS tells Laala that in the upcoming times, he has to handle his relationship with Babita himself and they fight for some reason, he has to apologize even if he is right.


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