Patiala Babes 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update


Patiala Babes 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 1st November 2019 Episode Start With Minnie looks at Babita’s outstretched hand. Hanuman jokes that he will lose money now. Lala Kaka says this is what women do. Both men smile. Babita tells Hanuman not to give money if he doesn’t feel like. I was asking for shagun on Dhanteras. He points out that he was only pulling her leg. My salary is your money. Do whatever you want to. She says I wont spend them without a reason. He pats her face sweetly. Men earn for their family only. You will do the right thing. He leaves with Lala.

Babita asks Minnie if she did the right thing by asking for money from Hanuman. Minnie asks her if she thinks this is right. There was a time when you were independent. You wouldn’t have to think or ask someone for money if Patiala Babes wasn’t running in loss. You wouldn’t even need a permission to use money then. Babita repeats Hanuman’s line. It is the same thing. We are not different. Minnie asks her why she is bothered if it does not matter. Spend it wherever you want to. She heads upstairs. Babita thinks I will spend it. There is only “ours” in love. There is no difference if I earn it or Hanuman Singh ji.

Nayan Bi and Mrs. Gupta are discussing about the pipe that has broken outside her house. Mr. Gupta asks Nayan Bi to do something about it. Nayan Bi asks them to write an application to present in the Municipality. I will see what I can do. They thank her and leave. Minnie’s grandparents enter. Nayan Bi asks them why they dint take her too. They tell her that they took taxi. Minnie’s grandfather says Shammi ji has hit he jackpot. Shammi ji says we have done 5 modelling assignments recently. We have earned 1 lac. Now we will give you rent as per market rate. Nayan Bi tells her against it. You are like my brother and SIL. They stay put. We will give you 8k for rent and we will get the groceries too. You have done a lot for us. Shammi ji gives her her swear. Nayan Bi gives in. Shammi ji says I will tell Lovely not to send money to us. We are financially independent now. Her husband smiles.

Babita and Saroj are checking out the jewellery. Bhabhi makes an excuse after noticing the price tag. Saroj tells her not to worry. Your husband is in police. Jeweller also tells Babita to take it. You can pay in EMI’s. Babita is hesitant. She calls Minnie to select something for herself too but Babita politely says no to her. Saroj tells her to choose something. Minnie says I would have bought something if Babes had asked me to buy something with her money or if Hanuman Uncle had asked me to buy something with his money but I don’t want Babes to buy me anything from someone else’s money. Saying so, she walks away. Saroj talks against Minnie’s words but Babita cuts her off. It isn’t about stepfather or anything!

Kammo is giving old clothes in exchange of utensils. He gives her a bowl and a spoon and leaves as the clothes are very tattered. She hopes no one gets such a miser husband. I think I will have to suffice with the bowl and spoon only. Nayan Bi tells her to speak good things something. Kammo tells her to first look at herself. Nayan Bi asks for municipality’s contact details. Khatri must have the address as he was the President earlier. Kammo suggests her to make her husband President once again. He was telling me that it isn’t your age to work so hard. Nayan Bi says I know what he is after. Khatri’s wife says we have got a good house. We don’t lack anything. Nayan Bi points at the bowl and spoon in her hand. I cannot see you like this. Come to shop and take Diwali bonus. Kammo says your shop isn’t running well. How will you give bonus when you cannot give salary? Nayan Bi says we have enough money for all that. Come to office to take your share if you are done. She leaves. Kammo mocks Nayan Bi.

Minnie is unable to convince any client to place an order with them again. We will lose every client this way. They are pointing at the quality and taste. Nayan Bi is busy reading the finance. Kammo tells Minnie to let Nayan Bi finalise Diwali bonus first. Nayan Bi says we dint earn much but bonus should be given. She gives Minnie and Babita’s share to Minnie. Kammo asks for more as she receives her bonus but Nayan Bi ignores her.

Saroj asks Babita if she has bought everything. Are you missing something? Babita says something is actually missing. she picks another box. Jeweller tells them their bill. Minnie enters just then. Babita asks her how her Diwali shopping is complete without buying something for her. It is our ritual. She shows the bonus money (10k) to Babita. Now buy whatever you want to. Babita excitedly asks jeweller to show something to Minnie. They both start looking at all the items excitedly.

Minnie and Babita have a happy time with each other as they do Diwali preps. Hanuman smiles watching them from far. The family does puja together and has a gala time together.

Minnie and Mickey return from the walk. She asks him to bring Preet from tomorrow. She needs to be fit too. He denies. I like her the way she is. Minnie says it is about her choice and not yours. She wants to get fitter. You need to motivate her. He tells her that she lectures a lot. She notices a text. My passport is ready and will be delivered today. He asks her why she looks upset. She says I don’t understand. Earlier I thought that Babes and Hanuman Uncle’s life will be smooth if I will go away from them but Babes will be unhappy. She wont let me go anywhere. She has become careless towards Patiala Babes already. Someone must stick around till the time she is out of her marriage phase. I hope she realises that her identity is equally important like other things. He asks her what if she will never understand this. Let go of all the but’s and if’s. Let Babes handle her life. Why are you holding yourself back? Is there something which you aren’t telling me? Come out with it. She says I also don’t want to go. I feel everything is settled between the 3 of us now. This was my dream. Why should I go when I see my dream coming true?


Patiala Babes 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Hanuman Singh receives a letter from Ashok Khurana. Ashok has shown an inclination to speak to Minnie and stay in touch with her.


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