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Patiala Babes 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Prateek’s friend insists Minnie to apologize and tries to slap her. Neil holds his hand and warns him to apologize her instead. Boy resists. Minnie punishes boy and orders him to clean his spit on floor. He resists, but she doesn’t leave him. He apologizes and walks away saying he will take revenge and breaking his friendship with Prateek. Prateek walks away angrily ending party. Neil smiles watching Minnie’s daring act and asks Geeta to file a complaint. Geeta over phone informs Lala that she is bringing a girl to file a complaint and leaves with the girl. Khurshid tells Minnie that he will drop her and Arya home. Minnie says its okay, she will manage. Neil says he will drop them home. Khurshid asks Neil to switch off lights by 1:30 a.m. as per police rules and lock the door. Neil agrees. Khurshid leaves.

Minnie feels sad that she lost hotel’s publicity due to her stupid act. Neil says what she did was right and even he would have done same, so she need not worry. Real estate age calls her and informs that since she didn’t confirm or pick his call, owner gave room to someone else and he can’t help now. Minnie informs same to Neil who shouts where will he stay now. She says he is male and can manage. He shouts he can’t stay out under open sky with mosquitoes. Their argument continues. Amyra gets disturbed and wakes up asking why are they fighting and what happened to party. Minnie gets Arya busy in her talks. Neil continues fighting and asks her to find a room at any cost. She calls hotel and books a room, but Neil shouts he will not stay in a hotel and will stay in Minnie’s restaurant cabin. Minnie says it is illegal to stay in a commercial place and she cannot risk her restaurant. Arya shouts to stop their fight as she has a solution.

Minnie returns home and unlocking main door scolds Arya that her idea was childish. Arya says its a perfect idea and calls Neil. Neil walks in with his belongings on cart. Minnie fumes more and their argument continues. Neil asks where will he sleep. Arya says he can sleep on sofa. Neil says he can’t even fit on sofa, how will he sleep. Minnie says he can cut his legs. Their argument starts again. Arya suggests something. Neil gets afraid and says he will sleep on sofa. Arya suggests Minie that they will let him sleep in a room tonight. Neil thinks what are these sisters discussing about. Minnie drags him to bed and says he will sleep her. Neil resists, but removes his shoes. Arya says hurry up as she needs to go to her room and laughs seeing Neil’s black sock in one foot and white in another.


Patiala Babes 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Puiru informs Laala that a thief has barged in, they both trash Neil. Neil says he is Patiala Babes restaurant’s head chef.

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Telecast Date: 13th January 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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