Patiala Babes 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Patiala Babes Written Update

Patiala Babes 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 11th July 2019 Episode Start With Minnie cries profusely. Babita consoles her and says no relationship will trouble them anymore, now they are free. HS looks at them. Babita smiles at him, and he leaves. At Nayem Bi/NB’s house, Biji eagerly waits for Ashok to return. Dadaji says she should not expect anything from Babita and it is wrong. Ashok returns. Biji asks if he apologized Babita and if she forgave him, he should not ruin his life. Ashok says there is nothing left now, Babita has changed and she did not forgive him, she wants him not to interfere in her and Minnie’s lives. Dadaji says Ashok is speaking right for the first time. Ashok says Babita does not want him to stay here, so she gave him London ticket. Dadaji asks when is he going. He says tonight and he wants to give the love to Mita’s child which he could not give to Minnie.

HS and Laala get heavily inebriated sitting in front of Babita’s new shop. Hanuman blabbers what he felt today. They both reach home. Babita angrily looks at them. They both blame each other. Babita says she knows who is commanding here. HS goes and sleeps on sofa. Babita scolds him to have some food and then sleep, else he will get gastric trouble with his inebriation. She gets him food. He asks why she cares for him so much. She says who else will if she does not, then gets nervous. HS looks at her with wide open eyes.

Babita then goes to sleep and tells Minnie how she feels a free bird now, how Ashok had dominated them and what she felt when she gave ticket to Ashok, etc. She remembers the days when she used to dance freely, lohri event, etc.. and starts dancing holding her veil. HS hears her anklet sound and walks to her. She gets conscious and says she wants to make ice cream. He asks at this time? She says yes. He brings her ordered ingredients. She checks each ingredients and then changes her mind. He asks what will she prepare now..


Patiala Babes 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadaji asks Babita if she has thought about second marriage as she has a long life ahead.


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