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Patiala Babes 10th March 2020 Written Episode , Patiala Babes Written Update on

Patiala Babes 10th March 2020 Episode Start With Arya taunts Minnie that she is missing Neil. Minnie warns her to shut up. Arya says everyone saw her expression. Minnie says nobody did. NB asks where is Neil. Rani looking at Minnie says he went to Delhi and left a letter for Minnie. NB asks to show letter. Biji taunts its for Minnie personally. Rani says Neil told to hand it over to Minnie personally. NB asks what must be written in it. Minnie angrily says there is nothing secret in it and pulling out letter behind pillow says they can read it. NB says if its not secret, then why did she hide it behind pillows, reads message that he is going to Delhi on an important work, asks only this. Minnie asks what else should it be. Minnie fumes more. Arya says she told everyone knows.

Minnie with Preet applying face pack and lying down on bed taunts her to stop laughing much, else she will look old soon and Mickey will find another girlfriend. Preet says Mickey is not like that. Minnie says she knows her bestfriend better. Preet taunts her about Neil. They both run behind each other and taunt each other.

Khatri sits outside Kammo’s parlor. Customers come, but Kammo says parlor is closed toda. Customers ask why is it closed on Tuesday. Khatri yells at them and sends them away. He asks Kammo if she will not speak to him. Kammo says she will not until he surrenders himself to police. Khatri asks why will he do that. She says he can divorce her as she doesn’t want to stay with him otherwise. He says her family will not accept her. She says she has her parlor business and he cannot claim his share in it. He changes tone and asks if she really doesn’t love him. She says she used to, but seeing his ill deeds, she doesn’t anymore.

Preet continues taunting Minnie and says Minnie is in one-sided love. Minnie says he didn’t say no or yes yet. Their nok jhok continues. Minnie opens Neil’s cupboard and drawer falls down. Preet finds a locket in it and says it maybe girl’s locket. Minnie says she trusts Neil and opening locket shows he has his parent’s photo in it. Preet says Minnie is in deep love and should express it to Neil. After sometime, Minnie plays song Jane Kitne Dino Ke Baad.. on radio. Arya taunts her that she is missing Neil. Minnie tickles her. They hear news about a car accident on Delhi high way and one passenger dying an rest severely injured; get very tensed. Door bell rings. Arya asks Minnie not to open it as it may be police who got bad news like last time regarding their parents. Minnie lifting her opens door. Neil walks in saying he is back. Arya hugs him, and he lifts her asking what happened. Minnie walks aside and wipes tears.


Patiala Babes 11th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil gifts toe rings to Minnie and says he wants to tel her about his past.

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Telecast Date: 10th March 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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