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Parineetii 9th November 2022 Harman comes to Mandeep. She’s mad. She says to go out and help Pari and her mom only. Harman says you misbehaved with Gurpreet. Stop it now. She says yeah it’s my fault. Harman says they’re our family.

You could do pooja yourself here too. She says you will be happy when I die. Harman says stop misbehaving with Gurpreet. She says my mistake is that I wanted to do pooja with you. He leaves in anger. Mandeep says that Pari will never be happy.

Biji comes. Pari falls… Rajiv holds her. Biji comes and says this is how I want to see you both always. Neeti also comes there. Gurinder says Neeti stay in your room. I will introduce you to her slowly. She’s very angry. Biji says Pari you have decorated the house so well. You are such a nice girl. She’s my favorite daughter in this house. Rajiv picks up her luggage. She says you didn’t come to the station and now doing this drama?

He says sorry. Promise I will come next time. She hugs him. Biji ays why are you all so angry? Chandrika brings halwa for her. Biji says it doesn’t smell like Pari’s. I want water. Pari gives her water. Biji says sit with me, Pari. My heart gets so happy when I see you. Tao Ji comes. Biji says why does Pari not look happy? Rajiv don’t you keep her happy? Pari says I want to tell you something Biji. I…

Scene 2
Neeti asks Gyrinder why did you bring me here? Gurinder says she’s very angry. We have to be careful. Neeti says why was Biji saying she loves her. Gurinder says when Pari came to talk about you Biji met her. Neeti says Pari knows everything so well here. I wanna win her heart too. Gurinder says it’s not that easy. Neeti says but not impossible. She says Sanju will explain to you.

Biji asks Pari what is it? Pari says the first promise you won’t get angry. Rajiv sneaks out. Pari says Rajiv and me. She says is there any good news? Pari says I.. Gurinder comes. She says Rajiv and her have done pooja. They didn’t know you were coming. Now she thinks you would be mad. Biji says okay Pari. She says Rajiv and you should plan a baby now and give me this good news.

Neeti says what is happening here? I was such a free bird. Am I stuck here? But I am doing this for my baby, I hope everyone accepts me here so I can go back to my flights. Sanju comes in and drinks water. Neeti asks what happened.

He says I am stressed. Neeti says I want to talk. He says I am not in the mood. Neeti says we should go to a therapist. He says why? SHe says I feel like you have bipolar disorder. You behave differently. He says it’s normal. She says something is wrong. Rajiv says are you calling me crazy? She says no. Rajiv leaves in anger.

Scene 3
Biji says where is this Monty? He didn’t come to meet me. She sees Neeti in her room. Biji wonders who is. She asks who are you? Neeti touches her feet. She says I am Sanju’s.. Biji says who is Sanju? What are you doing in my Golu’s room? Neet says this is Sanju’s room. Monty comes in dancing and hugs Biji. Biji hits him. Neeti leaves. Biji asks who’s this girl? He says there is no one.

Neeti comes to Sanju. She says whya re you not talking to me? He saysI need space. Neeti says are you hiding something from me?

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