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Parineetii 8th November 2022 Gurinder says to Neeti and Rajiv it’s your first Diwali after the wedding. You both should do the pooja first. She says to start the pooja. Neeti says there’s no kumkum in it. She asks Pari to get it.

Pari puts kumkum in arti. She says Pari sindoor is on your head too. Something good will happen to you. Simi says let’s do the arti. Pami says Pari will sing the arti. Pari sings. Rajiv and Neeti do the arti together. Neeti falls… Pari holds the arti with Rajiv. Pami picks Neeti. Neeti looks at them doing the arti. Pami says in their heart their couple is made in heaven.

Scene 2
Harman and Gurpreet come home. Gurpreet says I didn’t want to come back. Thank God Pari is happy. Mandeep says are you back? Harman says why is the door open? Harman says let’s do the arti. She says why did you come back? Diwali is over. Gurpreet says I took him. Mandeep says my husband isn’t your servant.

You went with him to your daughter’s place. You’ve no one in your life but don’t try to break my marriage. Harman is about to lap her. Gurpreet says no. Harman says don’t you dare to say a word more. Mandeep says I am sorry. I forgot about the pooja I was so worried. Mandeep leaves in anger. Harman says I am sorry. Gurpreet says no console her.

Scene 3
Pari looks around. She’s not happy. Pari says I have no place in Rajiv’s life. Rajiv is Neeti’s husband. He’s not mine. Neeti will find out the truth. I should go from here. I will leave tomorrow. Tao Ji says to Pami everything will be fine. pami says Rajiv will never leave Neeti. Tao Ji says he has care for Pari in his heart. Dadi calls them. She says Pami you couldn’t call me on Diwali?

Pami says I was a little busy. She says I am so happy Rajiv has a wife like Pari. She says I am coming home. I am on the train already. Pami is shocked. She says I am going to give Rajiv and Pari a Diwali gift. Pami tells Gurinder I need to talk to you. Gurinder says really? Pami says mummy Ji is coming.

Gurinder says she will give me my part of the wealth. Pami says are you crazy? how will we tell her the truth? Gurinder says we will tell her Neeti is Rajiv’s wife. Only Neeti has the right to Rajiv’s everything. Pami says okay then I will tell mummy Ji about your greed too.

Parmi is asleep in her room. Pami comes too. She tells her Biji is coming. She tells her what Biji said. Pari says what should I do now. Why can’t I go away from Neeti’s life? We should tell Biji the truth. Pari says you’re right. We can’t hide it for long. I can’t see you in this pain. Rajiv also comes there. He says maa told me Biji is coming. Pari is right. Pami says at least one day you are thinking of truth. I thought you were like your mom only. Pari says I will tell Biji everything.

Chandrika says we have to prepare everything according to Biji. Pari prepares things. Neeti comes. She says I will do everything. I am the DIL of this house. Pari says you should rest in this condition. Neeti says I will stay here. Pari places leaves on the door. Rajiv says I will do it. Pari says hold the ladder. He says I said I should do it. Pari says give me the leaves. Pari ties them. Rajiv says in heart you’re very nice. I can’t forgive myself until you find someone you deserve.


Parineetii 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv kisses Neeti’s hand and forehead. Pari’s sister walks to Neeti and asks her how could she do this to Pari, she always supported her and Neeti is trying to steal her husband. Pari hugs Rajiv awkwardly, Neeti sees them.

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