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Parineetii 7th November 2022 Simi and Monty dance next. Neeti asks Rajiv why did Pari’s mom give him and Pari blessings together? He says elders give blessings. Why do you question so much? Smile now. She says you are so weird.

He says we can have a second baby after this one. Neeti says are you crazy? Gurpreet wonders why is no one asking Pari to come on stage? Monty says who is next? Gurpreet says, Pari. It’s her first Diwali as well.

Pari says I don’t wantnan dance. She says Chandrika calls Rajiv. They will do a couple of dances. Pari goes on stage. She’s worried that Neeti might see them. Gurinder says to Pami this is fun. Pami says if her mom finds out people will laugh at her. Rajiv hugs Neeti. Neeti says we will let our kids be who they want. Rajiv says what a modern wife. Chandrika comes. She says they’re calling you inside.

Pari dances also. Neeti and Rajiv stand together. Gurpreet wonders why is Rajiv standing with Neeti and not facing Pari. She asks Rajiv to go on the stage. Rajiv dances with Pari. Neeti doesn’t like it. Pami says God has made their couple.

They look very good together. Chandrika says they do. But Neeti won’t like this. Neeti looks at them in anger. Rajiv is worried. Neeti leaves. Gurpreet hugs them and says you both danced so well. Gurpreet says now I am sure you’re happy there. Pari says Chachi Ji must be alone. You should go home and place dia in front of dad’s picture. Gurpreet says yes we should leave now. They leave.

Scene 2
Rajiv asks Neeti are you okay? Neeti says something isn’t right. Mummy Ji gave you and Pari blessings as she knew you and then you were dancing with Pari? You met her because of me. It feels like you know them. Pari tells Pami she told her mom everything but then told her it was a misunderstanding. Chandrika says to stay in this house until things are fine. Pami says just don’t hurt your heart when you see Neeti and Rajiv together. Pari says I can’t tolerate all this. I have to go.

Rajiv says Pari’s mom is a heart patient. Her mom was so upset. She asked me if Pari was happy in her family? I thought I should dance to cheer her up. Neeti says is that it? He says yes. She says I have another thing on my mind. Come with me. She takes him outside. Neeti says you all accepted me with so much love. The person who made it possible is Pari. Thank you,

Pari. And a most important person in my life is Sanju. I love him the most. She kneels down and gives him a ring. Gurinder is very happy. Neeti says do you want to be mine for 7 lives? Pari looks at them. Rajiv looks at Pari. Pami says what is she doing? Rajiv says we are together for life. Neeti makes him wear the ring. Pari leaves. Gurinder claps. She says you are the perfect girl for my son. Rajiv says in their heart she tries to insult Pari every time and I don’t like it.


Parineetii 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti says Pari, you have mata ka sindoor on your forehead and I am sure something good is going to happen. Rajeev and Neeti are performing aarti, Neeti slips and Pari goes and holds the aarti to save it from falling along with Rajeev. Pari and Rajeev perform aarti. Neeti finds it weird.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
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