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Parineetii 5th May 2022 Pari is in the police car and tells the inspector that I didn’t steal anything, I was just waiting for my husband. The inspector says where did your husband go then? He didn’t even pick up your car, he must have run away.

Pari says no, he might be in some trouble. The inspector says he must have an affair with some other girl that’s why he left you. Pari says he is not like that, he respects women a lot.

I know you see bad people in your field but my husband is not like that. The inspector says I trust you, I know you are innocent but people will take advantage of you if you are this nice. Pari says no, my father has taught me to be so nice that you win people over.

Neeti and Rajeev are having fun in the engagement. The priest asks Neeti to make him wear the ring, Neeti says I forgot the ring. Rajeev says I trust you. Neeti says I was joking. She makes him wear the ring and smiles. Rajeev makes her wear the ring. He shows another ring to Neeti and says she wanted our relationship to be special and I will fulfill my promise. He promises Neeti that he would never leave her.

I will always be there for you. I promise that no one will take your space in my life, I won’t have any other woman in my life. He kisses her hand and hugs her tightly. Neeti smiles as Rajeev kisses her forehead. All their friends congratulate them. Neeti thinks I feel like I won’t like Pari’s husband,

he could have sent Pari here but he didn’t do that. All their friends start dancing, Rajeev comes out of the venue and dances with them. Pari is in the police car and passes by from the venue. Pari asks the inspector to call her husband, she calls him but he doesn’t take the call.

The inspector tells Pari to never trust people blindly, if you trust your husband like this then he will hurt you someday. He will leave you when you need him the most.

Scene 2
Beeji calls Vicky and says I didn’t want to worry you but tell Gurpreet how happy Pari is. Vicky says don’t worry, Pari is happy with her inlaws. Gurpreet says I am just feeling weird. Vicky says Rajeev took Pari to his friend’s engagement, they must be happy there so don’t worry. I am coming back. Gurpeet says okay, I will make halwa for you. Vicky says I will miss Pari’s halwa. Gurpreet says we are all missing her.

The inspector is trying to drive his car but his tire bursts because of a fire cracker outside the engagement venue. He asks his officer to go inside and arrest the groom for all this. The officer enters the venue and asks Neeti to bring the groom outside. Neeti goes to call Rajeev.

Mandeep says Vicky hates me now. Harman says it’s your fault, you do things that make you hate everyone. Mandeep says you never respected me like Gurpreet’s husband did, he never taught you how to respect your wife?

Harman says you would be alone if you keep doing all this, you should respect this family but you never did. You are lucky that I am not taking any action against you, Pari is important to me so be careful and don’t take my patience for granted, he leaves. Mandeep says I pray that Pari’s husband hates her as my husband does.

Another man comes outside the venue and meets the inspector. He says I am sorry, today is my engagement and we were all excited so we did all this. I love my fiance so much but I am sorry about this. I will help you in fixing this.

Pari and others come out of the car. The man starts helping in changing the tire. He asks about Pari. The inspector says just focus on your job. The man changes his tire and asks Pari what’s her name. Pari looks away. The inspector says you are talking too much, we will arrest you now.

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