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Parineetii 5th July 2022 Shreya says to Ajay you show your ID to Pari and I can show her a photo of Sanju and Neeti to prove that you’re Ajay, not Sanju. He says right. Shreya says Sanju should have told Neeti.

She shows him Neeti and Sanju’s engagement picture. She says we will prove you’re Ajay with this. Rajiv and Monty go inside the venue to look for Mishika. Rajiv says she had to come to my wedding only. How will we find Mishika? Monty says idea.. Change the dancer’s costume. They go to the dancer’s room.

Shreya and Ajay try to stop Pari. She says I will tell Neeti you both were hugging. Ajay says yes we hugged but what you think isn’t true. Pari says then come and hug in front of Neeti. Shreya says calm down.

Let me show you this picture. Ajay says you will understand it when you see this. The third friend comes and says we all hug each other in front of Neeti.

Shreya is my GF and they are friends like siblings. What’s wrong? Shreya and I love each other. You shouldn’t doubt friendships like that. You can go tell Neeti. Pari says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I am sorry. She leaves. Ajay says what situation has Sanju put us in.

Scene 2
Mishika hides. The kidnappers look for her. Ajay and his friend come there. They rush out. Mishika says water.. She comes out. She tries to get water. Mishika hides in the washroom. Rajiv’s friend says I saw Rajiv he told me about the situation.

His niece is missing. He says then I saw Pari being mad at you. Ajay says you saved us. Pari comes to Neeti and hugs her. Neeti says don’t get so emotional. She says I made a huge mistake. I saw Sanju and Shreya hugging. I thought it was something else. Say sorry to him on my behalf.

Neeti says you saw them hugging? Pari says Shreya’s boyfriend came there and said they are dating and she’s only friends with Sanju. Neeti says something is wrong. You don’t hug everyone. With what right was he hugging her?

I can’t tolerate it. He doesn’t hug girls. This calls for a breakup. Pari says please don’t do this.. Please it was my fault. Neeti laughs. she says I was joking. Pari says you will kill me. Neeti says I was thinking if you would stop me.

But you don’t trust Sanju? Do you doubt him? Pari says I should’ve overrated. Neeti says you love me a lot. She hugs her. The old woman sees them together. She says what are you both doing here?

What will happen next isn’t right. You can’t fight with fate. Pari says sorry aunty but why do you always say such things? The old woman says Pari you should be careful, you will be lied to. She says to Neeti that something really wrong will happen to her.

Choose the right thing, you’re choosing the wrong thing. She leaves. Neeti says what is she saying? What if Sanju has an affair or what if he’s married? Pari says don’t think that. Neeti says he’s not like that at all.

Sukhwinder looks for Neeti. she comes into the room and says where were you? I told you not to leave the room. Sukhwinder takes the evil eye off her. Pandit Ji calls them downstairs. Neeti goes downstairs.

Pari asks Sukhwinder what is she so worried about? Sukhwinder hugs her. Pari gives her water. She says tell me what’s bothering you? Is that aunty worrying you? Everything will be perfect. Sukhwinder tells Pari Sanju didn’t want to marry Neeti. Monty and Sanju stand at the gate looking for Mishika.

They see the kidnapper and follow him. Pari says what are you saying? Sukhwinder says Sanju wrote in a letter that he can’t marry for some reason. Neeti told me his family isn’t okay with it. I wanted to tell Neeti but then I got shot. I saw how Neeti was crying and Sanju was there for her. I begged him to marry her.

We can convince his family. Neeti will die without Sanju. He’s her first love. I am very worried. The wedding isn’t even complete. Pari says don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Sukhwinder says don’t tell Neeti.

Pari says I won’t. Sanju loves Neeti a lot. Sukhwinder says let’s go. The kidnapper looks for Mishika. Rajiv and Monty follow him. He locks himself in a room. He says they were following me. Rajiv and Monty catch him and hit him. Rajiv hits him and says where is Mishika? You kidnapped her. He says I don’t know which kid are you talking about. Rajiv picks knife and says tell me where is she or I will stab you.


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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
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