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Parineetii 4th July 2022 Shreya says they hit me on the head. Neeti says it must be Daler. Police arrested him already. Shreya asks are you okay? Neeti says I am fine, you relax. Sukhwinder gives her a painkiller.

Sukhwinder says let her rest. Simi and Vicky come inside the shed. Rajiv runs after the car. Vicky and Simi see Mishika in the car. Vicky and Simi follow him. Rajiv gets the gun from the goon. Vicky calls him and tells him they saw the goons.

Rajiv ties the goons and they rush out. The old woman says the wedding stopped again. Sukhwinder says please don’t do anything bad. I am already very tense.

Sukhwinder says I am sure this problem is happening because of Sanju’s family. The old woman says no it’s not from him. They don’t even know about Neeti. There’s a bad eye on Neeti. Take evil eye off her. Pari comes.

Ajay comes to his room. He calls Rajiv. He says Sanju.. Balwinder says who was calling Rajiv Sanju on the call. The driver says aren’t you focused on your daughter? Ajay says to Rajiv Shreya is here.

If she sees me, she will kill me. Rajiv says please handle it for a few moments. He says this is getting out of hand. I can’t fool Shreya I will tell her everything. Shreya was kidnapped. She’s hurt, she was looking for me. Rajiv says I am very sorry.

Rajiv says I will be there. He says you’ve only half an hour, come here or I will tell everyone. Monty and Rajiv are worried. Mishika screams for help. She rushes to the back seat. They come outside a place. Mishika gets off the car and runs. Vicky and Simi stop their car and rush in.

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Mishika comes to the wedding venue. Simi says she had to come here too? Vicky says to call Rajiv and tell her she’s here. Vicky runs in to look for Mishika. Shreya says sorry because of me your wedding was interrupted. Neeti says don’t say that. The driver did so much drama here.

Shreya says police, fight, so much drama in your wedding. Neeti says this is my wedding after. You will always remember you got kidnapped at my wedding. Shreya says go and continue your wedding.

Neeti says we will get married, where is Sanju going. Shreya says he loves you a lot. Neeti asks where is Ajay? Shreya says I didn’t see him. Neeti says neither did I. Shreya calls him. Neeti comes to the room and says Sanju are you tensed with all that happened I want to hit that Daler more.

She leaves. Shreya comes to the room and says Sanju have you seen Ajay. She falls. Ajay holds her. Shreya says I am sorry the wedding stopped because of me. She recognizes his rings and says, Ajay? She takes off the sehra and says how could you do this to me? You’re cheating on me with my friend?

Where is Sanju? Whose plan is this? He says let me kidnap. Sanju’s niece Mishika got kidnapped. He had to rush, he couldn’t tell anyone. He will be back in half an hour. Don’t tell Neeti she will hurt. Shreya says Pari must have seen you.

She says but Pari is just an organizer. She hadn’t seen Sanju before. She thinks I am Sanju. I am doing all this for sanju. I love you the most, I will never cheat on you. She hugs him. Pari sees them. She’s shocked.

Mishika comes to Sukhwinder. She says do you want anything? Mishika runs. The woman and man looking for her. Mishika hides in a trunk. Vicky and Simi are looking for the girl too.

Sukhwinder wonders where is Gurpreet. Pari comes into the room and says Sanju. Have some shame. You’re cheating on your wife? You are marrying Neeti and love Shreya? Shreya says wait. Pari says I’ve seen it all. Ajay says listen. Pari says you’re disgusting. Neeti loves you with all her heart.

You’re cheating on her. Now I know what that woman was saying. You are a fruad. How do I tell Neeti, she will be so hurt. Ajay says let me explain. Pari says I am going to tell Neeti everything. Pari goes out. The kidnappers ask if they’ve seen a girl. Ajay and Shreya run after Pari. Pari goes to Neeti.


Parineetii 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sukhwinder tells Pari that Sanju didn’t want to marry Neeti.Rajeev asks kidnapper where is the kid, he will kill her if he doesn’t tell where she is Pari sees Rajeev.

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Telecast Date:4th July 2022
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