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Parineetii 2nd November 2022 Neeti says why did Sanju say I am trained to do the cleaning? I feel so tired. I will only pamper myself now. She applies a mask on her face. Sanju comes, and he says hi. He says I love you.

Neeti says don’t talk to me. She says you are so mean you made fun of me in front of everyone. I don’t want to talk to you. He says I can kiss you then. He kisses her hand. He hugs her and says is the anger less now? She says I don’t know. Sanju comes closer and says what else can I do to impress my wife? He is about to kiss her. Pari comes in. She says Neeti. Sorry. Neeti says it’s okay.

Sanju leaves. Neeti asks what happened. pari says I was gonna ask about rangoli things. Neeti says does it hurt you when you see me with Sanju? Do you miss Rajiv? Pari says the past is gone. Neeti says thank God you saw his reality soon. What if you got pregnant? Pari says my love was real. Pari says he’s close to that woman now. Soon she will be pregnant too. He would have left my child too.

Neeti says girls like these have this trick to get pregnant so they can keep that man. Pari says but he loves that girl. Neeti says to get close to Rajiv and get pregnant. Men love the mothers of their kids even more. Look at Sanju, he always loved me but now he cares too much. He will get closer to you. It’s just an idea.

Rajiv comes to Pari and gives her rangoli colors. He says can I help you? Pari recalls what Neeti said. She says I don’t need your help. he says it’s okay to take help sometimes. I might make it better. She says the man who ruined my life I don’t expect any good from him. Rajiv says in their heart she’s right. I have ruined her life. He opens the box for her and says make your rangoli.

She says in heart all colors of my heart are gone. Rajiv says I might not have loved you but I don’t hate you either. I really like your purity. He looks at her. Pari says go to Neeti. It’s her first Diwali in this house. He says it’s your first Diwali too. Rajiv says does it hurt you? Pari says I really don’t care.

You’re a stranger to me. Pari says what’s your problem? At least be honest with Neeti. Let me live. He says I feel guilty, I respect you a lot. Pari says let me be. He says Ic can’t see you like this. Pari says what can you do to change my situation? Tell me. Chandrika comes.

Neeti also comes there and says wow Pari the rangoli is so pretty. She asks Chandrika if she can take her photo with Sanju with the rangoli. She asks Pari to go on a side. Neeti sees the picture and says it’s a couple of goals. She says Sanju smile big. She makes more videos. Pari leaves. Rajiv looks at Pari. Pari comes to her room and cries. Pami gives her a gift. Pari says I can’t take this.

Pami says you have a right to it. Pami says no you got this for Rajiv’s wife. Pami says you’re still Bajwa DIL. You haven’t divorced him. Tao Ji says do you have an answer? You are very brave. No girl does this for her friend. You deserve this. Pari says Neeti still doesn’t know the truth. If you give it to me she will be hurt. Tao Ji says we will give something to her too but please take this. Pari says you’re like my dad. I can’t say no to you. Pami gives it to her.

Scene 2
Gurinder says where is my DIL? She gives her a gift. Neeti opens it, it’s a necklace. Gurinder says it’s just like you. Sanju says to keep it before her mood changes. Pami says yeah her honesty changes too. Gurinder says you haven’t seen it. She asks Sanju to make Neeti wear it. He says I will do it later. He says Neeti says I am so shy. Neeti says it’s so pretty. I love it.

Pari prepares the sweets. She says at least I will be there with my family. I always thought no one will ever deceit I and my family will save me. She recalls calling Gurpreet and says I told mummy Ji everything. What would she think? She will be so worried. If mummy Ji comes here it will be a huge problem. I’ve to talk to her.

Scene 3
Harman says I will kill Rajiv. Gurpreet says I have made my decision. I will talk to his family openly. I will stand for my daughter. Harman says I am very angry too. Gurpreet says if Rajiv wants to be with that girl he has to leave my Pari. I can’t let her live like this. They reach Bajwa’s house.

Pami opens, she welcomes and wishes them Diwali. Gurpreet says what wish? You ruined my daughter’s life and kicked her out of the house at night. Gurinder says who is it? Gurpreet says Pari’s mother. Your son ruined my daughter’s life. He married another girl yet you’re all celebrating here? I am not there to talk to you. I am here to talk to Rajiv. Where is he? Call him. She says Rajiv come out. Harman shouts. Rajiv says who is calling me at this hour? He goes downstairs. Neeti is in the room. Pari says mummy Ji?

Rajiv touches Gurpreet’s feet. She says you’ve lost the right to my blessings. Pari also comes there. Neeti stands behind the pillar. Gurpreet says after what you did to my daughter I only curse you. God will never forgive me. Gurinder says don’t shout about the festival day. He’s your DIL.

Pari is scared. She says I have to stop all this. Gurpreet says does he even deserve to be anyone’s SIL. Gurinder says you’re standing in your daughter’s in-laws. You keep your eyes and volume low. Harman says we haven’t sold our daughter to you. You took her proposal, you said Rajiv couldn’t find a better girl than Rajiv.

Gurpreet says if our daughter did a mistake our heads would be down but our daughter is our pride. Your son has ashamed you. He’s useless. Pari cries. Gurinder says shut up. DOn’t say a word against my son. He’s done nothing wrong. He did love. Gurinder says maa Ji, please. Gurpreet shoves him and says don’t call me maa.

How dare you fool my daughter like this. Her dad gave her hand in your hand with such trust that you will always take care of her. And you ruined her life? you married another girl. Pari looks at Neeti. Neeti says what’s happening here? My life got settled with so much trouble. Please ask her not to do this. Who is she talking about? What has Sanju done? Pari says you go to your room. I will handle it. Neeti says I can’t leave Sanju alone here. Why is your mom insulting him like that?

Gurinder says my son has done nothing wrong. Gurpreet says have some shame. Your son has ruined a girl’s life. You were a woman before being his mom. What face will you show to God? What are you teaching your son? That he can cheat on his wife and be with another girl. Gurpreet coughs. Pari runs and says mummy Ji are you okay? Please calm down.

Neeti comes and says mummy Ji what are you saying? I am fine. Sanju hasn’t cheated on me. Why are you saying all this? Gurpreet is shocked. She says Pari what is Neeti doing here? Pari says leave calm down. Gurpreet says no tell me what is she doing here? Pari says please come out with me. Harman says your mom hasn’t slept in days. Rajiv and his family have ruined your life. We are with you. Neeti says why would they torture Pari? There is confusion. This is my family. This is Sanju my husband and this is his family. They are shocked.


Parineetii 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gurinder says see this picture. This is Rajiv, Pari’s husband. Neeti is shocked. She says to marry me you fooled my best friend? Neeti is shocked. Rajiv says I never loved Pari. Gurpreet slaps him. She says you will also never get your love. Pari says Neeti Sanju loves you a lot. Neeti says I don’t want love from a person who cheated and fooled an innocent person like you.

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