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Parineetii 28th April 2022 Neeti talks to Pari and shows her the ring that Rajeev gave her. Pari says it must be expensive. Neeti says you can try it on, she makes Pari wear it and says it fits you perfectly. Pari says I don’t need it.

Neeti says this is an engagement ring from Sanju. Pari tries to take it off but it’s not coming out. Neeti says don’t worry, I will ask Sanju to gift me another ring. She says I will have an engagement tomorrow with Sanju. Pari says I will be with you.

Rajeev comes back home and tells Monty that it was a busy day. Neeti made me fight the man who molested her best friend. Monty says she is a good friend.

Pari asks Neeti to call the pundit for her engagement. Neeti calls Rajeev and says we have to find a pundit for the engagement. Rajeev says don’t worry, I have arranged everything. Neeti says really? You are so good with all this.

Pari leaves from there. Neeti tells I love you to him and ends the call. Rajeev jumps around in happiness. Neeti calls him again and says I don’t have your engagement ring with me anymore, can you bring another ring for me? Rajeev says don’t worry at all, I will bring another one. He ends the call.

Neeti hugs Pari and asks why does she look sad? Pari says I am fine. Neeti says tell me. Pari says I wanted you to meet Rajeev, he took care of me but I don’t understand why he never came to take me? I feel like he never cared for me but then I think he must be thinking I am not in Chandigarh and waiting for him in the village only.

Neeti says don’t take stress, she gives her medicine and says you have a high fever. Pari says don’t worry. Neeti hugs her and gets emotional. Pari says I will come to your engagement even if I am dying. Neeti cries and says I will not get engaged if you are not there. I can’t understand how they can’t care for me. She gets angry and calls Vicky. She shouts how dare you people send Pari here alone and Mandeep left her at the bus stop, it’s good that I found her otherwise she would have been in trouble.

She lost Rajeev’s address but you people didn’t even check on her. Vicky says Pari is not with Rajeev? Neeti says no, she is with me. Pari takes the call and tells Vicky that she is fine, don’t tell anything to Gurpreet. Neeti takes the call and shouts that I am angry at you, you didn’t even care for Pari’s well-being? Pari takes the call and ends it.

Vicky comes to Mandeep and says you left Pari at the bus station alone? Why did you lie that you left Pari at Rajeev’s house?

Pari tells Neeti that you shouldn’t have done it. Neeti says Mandeep did wrong with you, she left you alone here. Your family should know why she did this with you.

Gurpreet asks Vicky what is he saying? He says yes, I talked to Neeti and Pari is with Neeti and not with Rajeev. Gurpreet asks Mandeep if that’s the truth? Mandeep shouts that I was scared my kids will be on the road because of that Rajeev so I found his address and gave it to Pari, she lost it so it’s not my fault.

Gurpreet cries and says you lied to us, you left Pari alone there in that city. Mandeep shouts that you people just care for Pari. Harman comes there and shouts at her that you have stooped low. Mandeep says I did all this for my kids. Vicky says I just care about Pari’s happiness, I don’t care about the property. He tells Gurpreet that I will go to Chandigarh and meet Pari there. I will reunite her with Rajeev. I know how to find his address.

Neeti tells Pari that I trust Vicky to find Rajeev’s address and reunite you with him. Your family should know what happened to you. Don’t worry, your mom will take care of you now.

Vicky comes to Rajeev’s friend’s house and finds his friend there. He asks him about the address. The friend doesn’t cooperate so Vicky beats him and gets Rajeev’s address. He calls Harman and says I am going to Chandigarh. He starts driving and says I will find everything out tomorrow.

In the morning, Neeti is getting anxious. Pari says it’s normal before marriage. Neeti says I am worried about you that Vicky is not here till now. Vicky arrives there. Neeti says I was waiting for you.

Vicky hugs Pari, she says I am sorry for hiding everything. Vicky says don’t worry, I am sorry for my mom’s acts. Pari says it’s not her fault that I lost Rajeev’s address. Neeti gives him water. Vicky thanks her for taking care of Pari. Neeti says she is my best friend. Vicky says I have Rajeev’s address so let’s go there. Neeti says I will come there with you.


Parineetii 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti tells Pari to go with Vicky and meet Rajeev then you can come to my engagement with him. Pari and Vicky arrive at Rajeev’s house. They find a woman there who asks who are they? Vicky says she is Rajeev’s wife. The woman asks what’s the proof that she is Rajeev’s wife? Pari looks on.

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Telecast Date:28th April 2022
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