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Parineetii 27th July 2022 Pari comes to the temple. Neeti calls Pari. Neeti asks are you okay? Pari says I am fine, what happened? Neeti says I called you so many times I was worried. Your phone was also off. Pari smiles recalling Rajiv.

Pari asks how was your first night? Neeti says it was magical. Neeti asks Did you see Rajiv’s reality? Pari says yes. Neeti says I am coming there. Pari says he only loves me. He explained everything. I was doubting him for no reason. Pari asks how was your date night? Neeti says it was perfect.

Pari says I am at the temple to apologize for doubting Rajiv. Neeti asks which temple? Pari tells her the location. Pari does pooja. Neeti comes there. Pari says you came here? Neeti says I was worried for you.

Neeti says are you sure Rajiv didn’t fool you? My friend’s husband did the same. Pari says I know Rajiv isn’t a bad man. He’s very honest. Neeti asks what about the lipstick mark? PAri says it could be a mistake? Neeti says lipstick mark by mistake? Come with me. Neeti asks if was he being extra sweet and saying things that he never said before?

Pari tells Neeti how she saw Rajiv at the restaurant with a girl, but he was Rajiv’s friend’s wife. Neeti says are you an idiot? You always used to be brave in school. You always stood for right. Rajiv is fooling you for your innocence.

Please don’t be an idiot. This is a battle between right and wrong. Pari says I don’t think Rajiv is wrong. Pari goes out. Neeti says what if I prove he’s cheating on you? He is a liar. He has fooled you. Did he say in front of that couple that he was there for them and works with them? Pari recalls and says Rajiv only said their names. Neeti says did he speak to them before taking you to them? He says yes.

She says I am sure he asked them to help him. He was there on a date. Rajiv is cheating on you. We have to teach him a lesson. This is about your life. Pari says what do I do? Neeti says you have to fight. You have to raise your voice. You’re strong,

you can fight wrong. I want you to be the Pari who is innocent but not an idiot. Will you try to find the truth? Promise me. Pari recalls everything. Pari says yes I will answer him if he is wrong. I will punish him too.

Neeti says that’s my Pari. What will you do if she comes in front of you? Pari says if I find that girl I will teach her a lesson she will remember for life. Neeti says that’s my Pari. Pari vows on the temple’s candle that she will teach Rajiv a lesson. Pari says give me the strength to teach Rajiv a lesson if he is cheating on me.

Scene 2
Neeti comes home and looks at the trophy. She smiles. She gets a text and her boss says she has to come for an emergency flight. Neeti says I will let Rajiv know later. I have to go. She packs her bag.

Neeti sees her bridal dress. She says I missed you the most last night. It was our first night as a married couple last night. I felt alone for the first time. Nothing feels good without you. I can’t live without you. She texts him. Rajiv sees Neeti’s text. He is driving. A car follows him. Rajiv replies to Neeti.

Rajiv says is this car following me? Rajiv says is Pari spying on me? Rajiv stops his car. He comes out and says open the window. The guy comes out. It’s naman his friend. Rajiv hugs him. He says I am back from the UK.

He teases Rajiv about his affairs. Rajiv says to forget the past. Naman says I only have one partner, Natasha. We are getting married. Naman introduces her to his fiance. Naman asks are you single or did you find anyone? He says I.. I got married. Naman says we want to meet bhabhi.


Parineetii 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanju says to Neeti, you are taunting me and this is revenge because I left you on wedding night but that was family emergency. Neeti says to him, I also have a problem, Sanju says no it’s a revenge.Pari tells bhabhi that she is first time going out with Rajeev at a friend’s function. Bhabhi says get ready and look your best.Rajeev, in his office, is trying to reach to Pari, says pick the phone Pari. Neeti walks in and asks who is Pari?

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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