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Parineetii 26th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 26th May 2022 Neeit tells Pari that she will find a way to get them out of there.

Rajeev thanks Monty for not letting him tell the truth to Neeti, she wouldn’t have forgiven him. Monty says why wouldn’t she? You have done a lot for her. Rajeev says I never wanted to leave my village but Neeti wanted me to become an independent man so I came here and made my life around her.

I always wanted to marry her only but my mom made me marry Pari before fulfilling my dreams. I know what I did with Pari was wrong but you know I didn’t have a choice. I just love Neeti so I will marry her as soon as I am out of here. I will do it this week only.

Akki tells his men that I will send that nurse and Rajeev out to get the gold. He calls Kiran and says everything is still under my control. Kiran says we have already arrested your brother. He will be punished for attacking our soldiers.

Akki is angry. Kiran says you are here for a robbery so don’t kill anyone. Just promise to not hurt anyone in the bank and we will follow your instructions. Akki says I want the gold and a van to leave from here. Kiran says we will do it. She ends the call and Arjun says finally.

A goon is taking Neeti away but Pari says you can’t take her away. Neeti says don’t worry about me. Neeti is taken from there. Another goon takes Rajeev from another room.

Akki tells his man to bring Pari there as Rajeev cares for her so he will have to come back inside. The goon takes Pari from the room too.

Simi and Chandrika are waiting outside the bank. Kiran calls Akki and says we have arranged the gold, Akki says we are sending two people. Don’t try to do anything, he ends the call. Kiran says I won’t spare him, I will make sure that he gets caught. Simi hears that and tells Chandrika that I am sure she is not married. Chandrika says you are also single but you are not strong like her. Simi glares at her.

Akki makes Rajeev wear the bomb jacket and says we don’t need Neeti to wear it. He tells them to go out and bring the gold in. Neeti leaves. Akki tells Rajeev that if you try to do anything then he will kill that girl. They bring Pari there so Rajeev gets worried. Rajeev and Neeti are taken outside the bank. Neeti tells Rajeev that we have 5 minutes.

Neeti and Rajeev come out of the bank, Neeti says we have 5 minutes only and he is wearing a bomb jacket. A disposal squad checks Rajeev. Neeti is crying for him. The squad diffuses the bomb. Neeti hugs him and cries. Rajeev says I am fine. Kiran says we have 5 minutes only. Neeti says they have kept men and women separat4e.

Kiran says I have the gold. She asks Arjun why did Akki send hostages out? We could get information out of them. We should take an action. Rajeev says there is a girl inside, if you do anything then they will kill him. Arjun says we have to sacrifice some people for others. Rajeev shouts how can you say that, she is a wife.. Arjun says yours? Rajeev looks on.

Inside the bank, Akki tells Pari that we have sent your Rajeev outside the bank.

Rajeev tells Arjun that she is not my wife but we have to save people. Akki sends the doctor outside the bank. Arjun tells his soldiers that we are ready to attack. Rajeev says let us go inside, give us 5 minutes and then attack. Kiran says fine, go inside and save her. Neeti looks on. Rajeev and Neeti go back inside the bank with the gold bag.

Akki opens the bank door, Rajeev finds Pari standing inside. He is worried.


Parineetii 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Akki asks Kiran to provide him with a helicopter. Arjun attacks the bank. Rajeev has to choose between Pari and Neeti to save.

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