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Parineetii 26th July 2022 Rajiv comes close to Pari. Pari says let me go, someone came. Rajiv says okay let’s go. Pari goes out. Rajiv looks around. Neeti isn’t there. He sees Neeti leaving the corridor. Rajiv takes Pari back to the washroom. Pari says what’s happening? Neeti hears her voice. Rajiv says to Pari I want to confess something.

I don’t know how well you feel. I love.. Neeti comes outside. Rajiv says I love your perfume. It smells so good. Neeti is outside. She says Sanju must be looking for me. Rajiv says you have such a positive vibe. I know I never give you time. Neeti calls Rajiv. Rajiv says Suhana is waiting for me, I have to go. He rushes out. Pari says what happened? Who calls him so much.

Rajiv gets his car from the driver. Neeti comes. She says where were you? I thought you left me. He says I was looking for you everywhere. I came here and thought you would come here. He says see my new car, let’s go on a long drive. He leaves with Neeti. Monty is on the way in a taxi. He sees Rajiv driving past with Neeti.

He says wow he’s having fun there. Rajiv says to Neeti this is our first night as husband and wife. He gives her the best couple trophy. Neeti says we won? I knew we would win. Sorry I wasn’t there. He recalls taking it with Pari. Neeti says we are made in heaven.

Scene 2
Pari waits for the cab. Monty comes there and says let’s go. He says Rajiv sent me to pick you up. Pari says did he really send you? He says yes of course. Monty says he cares so much for you. He says let’s go. Neeti asks Rajiv what are you thinking? Who texted you? He says, my other wife. Neeti says what?

He says it was from the office. It’s a bit urgent. She says it’s okay. We can go on a drive later. Work is more important. He says thank you for being so understanding. Neeti says let’s have ice cream first. Rajiv stops the car.

Neeti orders ice cream. Monty texts Pari. Neeti asks if is everything okay? You look very stressed. He says office stress. Neeti makes him eat ice cream. Pari’s car drives past them. Monty sees them. He drives very fast. Pari sees Neeti but she doesn’t see Rajiv. Pari says stop the car. Let me meet her. Monty says can we go home?

Mishika was very upset. Pari says let’s go. You’re right. Rajiv says Neeti let’s go. Neeti says this trophy is our love’s symbol. they kiss it. Neeti says I will wait for you. He says love you. Neeti hugs him and says love you too. Neeti says why do I feel so emotional. What if Sanju ever leaves me. He can never do that. Rajiv is cheating on Pari.

Scene 3
Pari waits for Rajiv. She calls him and says he might be driving. Pari waits for him. She says why am I thinking so much. He loves me so much. I shouldn’t have doubted him. I will never do that again. Rajiv comes home. Pari has fallen asleep. Rajiv looks at her. He gives her a blanket. Pari says in her heart Rajiv loves me so much. I will go to the temple and apologize for doubting Rajiv.


Parineetii 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti asks Pari you have to be the Pari who is soft but not an idiot. Pari says I will teach that girl and Rajiv a lesson if he’s cheated on me. They will remember it for life.

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Telecast Date:26th July 2022
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