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Parineetii 25th July 2022 Rajiv says why do we need to explain our marriage to anyone? We’re important to each other. Pari says in her heart who was that girl. Rajiv says were you doubting me and following me?

Come with me. He says come meet them. He introduces them to a couple and says come let’s meet Mr. Mehta. Pari says are you okay? He says I feel like you are up to something. I know you’re thinking why am I here because couples come here only. He says the couple I just made you meet with is my colleague.

He’s new here, he wanted to take his wife out. He was stuck at work. I told him not to worry, I took his wife Suhana to the restaurant. She says you were with Suhana? He says yes I brought her here. I thought I should ask you but I thought you must be with Mishika. Pari says in his heart Rajiv was helping his friend and I was doubting him? I told Neeti as well and she thinks so wrong of him.

How could I doubt him, I should have trusted my love. He says did you mind? Pari says no I really like that you think about people around you. He gives her juice. Rajiv thinks about Neeti. Pari says I will wait for you. He says no I’ve to go to the office from here. You should go directly. Rajiv makes the waiter spill juice on Pari. She goes to the washroom to clean it. Rajiv says oh no Neeti was also there.

Neeti says why is Sanju behaving so weirdly? If there’s any problem he should tell me. Pari says I made a huge deal out of nothing. I should have trusted Rajiv. Neeti tries to open the door. Pari is outside. Someone puts a hand on Pari’s mouth and takes her to the men’s washroom. Pari says what is this Rajiv?

Why did you bring me here? He says listen? This is a men’s washroom. He says no one would come. He says I wanted to say sorry. She says about what? He says I know you know everything. I shouldn’t have done that.

Pari says what truth are you talking about? She says tell me the truth whatever it is? He says what truth? She says what are you saying sorry for? He says the juice spilled on you because of me. I collided with the waiter. I am very sorry. Pari says you scared me.

She says I will clean it. Pari washes her dress. Rajiv says I thought I should say sorry. He says I won’t you go out. She says it’s okay. He doesn’t let her go out. He says let me try your dress. He cleans her dress with tissue. He says in his heart I hope she doesn’t develop any hopes. Neeti is my life, not her. What do I do now? Pari says I will clean it, it’s okay.

Scene 2
Neeti helps a woman clean her baby. The woman says life is only before getting married. after that, it’s all responsibility. Fighting with the husband and then handling the kids. My husband is in Canada and I handle her here. She says you also go. The woman says I am waiting for my visa. Neeti says are you happy?

The woman says you have to stay happy. My husband is very loving. Neeti says I just got married too, it’s a love marriage. She says you’re lucky. Men cheat all the time these days. Neeti says my best friend’s husband is cheating on her. Neeti calls Pari. Rajiv sees Pari’s phone ringing. Neeti hears the bell ringing from the other washroom. Neeti says how is her phone ringing in the men’s washroom?

Rajiv snatches Pari’s phone. Pari says it was Neeti’s call. Give me my phone.. Rajiv runs and says take it from me. Neeti says what’s happening? Pari says give me my phone, Neeti is calling. She would get worried. He says what about my worry? She says what worry? Rajiv holds her. Rajiv comes close to Pari.

Pari says return my phone. He says your friend always comes between us. I won’t let her be the third wheel between us. You will only talk to me. He turns off her husband. He says you’re so pretty. He says you look so pretty. The woman asks Neeti is everything okay? She says my friend isn’t picking up the phone. Her husband is cheating on her. She’s not answering my call. The woman says I hope her husband gets punished. Neeti calls on Pari’s phone but it’s off now.

Pari says return my phone. He says you don’t care about me? Rajiv says in his heart thank God I turned her phone off she can’t talk to Neeti now. Rajiv says how do you look so pretty all the time? I can look at you all day long.

He says in his heart I shouldn’t get her too sentimental. She will be on my head. I’ve to go back to Neeti. Neeti goes to check the other washroom. She opens the door. A man comes. Neeti feels awkward. She says should I go in the male washroom or not?

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