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Parineetii 25th April 2022 Pari runs to an old woman and helps her on the road. Rajeev is nearby but doesn’t see her face. Rajeev calls Neeti and says I got a project in your building only. We will be close now. Neeti asks if he took the project to be near her? Rajeev says I like working when you are near me. Pari passersby him and he feels her presence, he looks around but she is gone.

All family members arrive in Chandigarh. Harman asks Mandeep to give the address to Vicky, she is stressed and gets out of the car. Harman gives her the bag and asks her to give the address. All family members get down from the car. Harman checks her bag and asks where is Rajeev’s address? Beeji asks Mmandeep what is she hiding? Everyone questions her. Mandeep cries and shouts I don’t know where Rajeev is, I didn’t leave Pari with Rajeev, I left her at the bus stop.

She cries and says I got scared that you people will give more property to her which my son deserves. Vicky says I just care about Pari, did Rajeev come to pick her up? Mandeep cries and says no, I lied to you all, Rajeev never called, Gurpreet slaps her hard… it all turns out to be Mandeep’s dream. She thinks I can’t let them find out the truth.

Rajeev is looking around in the market. He asks the old woman but she says she left after helping me. Rajeev runs from there to find her but can’t see her. Rajeev says I am going crazy. Monty arrives there. Rajeev says I am going crazy, I see Pari everywhere, she can’t be here but I keep imagining her. I feel like she will come in front of me one day and ask me why I never came to pick her up.

I cheated her so what if Neeti finds out and punishes me? Monty says don’t worry, she won’t come here. Rajeev says I keep imagining her everywhere. Monty says your mind playing tricks on you, her family will never let her come here. Don’t worry, she won’t come here alone. Rajeev says thank you. Monty says I am going to play a match, he leaves from there.

All family members are in the car, they are driving to Chandigarh. Mandeep is scared. She prays to God to help her someway.

Harman asks Vicky to stop the car so they can all eat and have tea. They all go to a dhaba. Mandeep is stressed so Gurpreet asks what happened? Mandeep says I am not feeling well. Harman says she is fine. Mandeep says I will go to the washroom. Simi goes with her.

Neeti finds the taxi driver that tried to molest Pari. She sits in his taxi and thinks to punish him.

Pari arrives at their apartment. She finds out that lift is not working. She says I wish the lift will start before Neeti arrives here. Rajeev comes to the building also.

The driver asks Neeti if she is new in the city? She says yes and thinks to punish him. She asks him to stop the car so she can take a call. She calls Pari and asks if her voice didn’t recover? Pari says not yet, I have arrived at home,

Neeti says I am coming there soon. She ends the call. Neeti calls Rajeev and asks if he can beat someone for her? Rajeev says what? Neeti says a man molested my friend so I want to beat him, Rajeev says I will join you. Neeti says I will call you when I arrive. He ends the call. Neeti sits in the taxi again. The driver thinks I won’t spare this girl.

Pari is outside the apartment looking for keys. Rajeev arrives there and is about to look at her face.


Parineetii 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti starts beating the driver who tried to molest Pari and says she is my best friend and I won’t let anyone take advantage of her. Rajeev arrives outside her house and grabs the driver, Neeti asks him to beat him up. Rajeev beats up the driver.

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Telecast Date:25th April 2022
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