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Parineetii 24th November 2022 Pari prepares the food and Chandrika helps her.

Neeti comes to Rajiv and is crying, she says Biji scolded me so much, you could have called me to the pooja, I feel like I am a guest in this house, you didn’t even call me for the pooja. Biji blessed Pari but she doesn’t value me at all. Rajiv says they all like you. Neeti says they don’t, you have done all this. She leaves from there. Rajiv is stressed.

Biji tells the priests that Pari has prepared food so you will become her fan now.

Rajiv tells Monty that Neeti is angry at me because Biji scolded her. Monty says you can convince her with love, don’t worry.

The priest is about to eat but stops and says we can’t eat this. Biji asks what happened? The priest says this parsad has garlic in it. Gurindar smirks and recalls how she had added garlic in parsad that Pari prepared, the flashback ends. Pari smells parsad and says this can’t be true. Gurindar shouts that you have insulted the priests, Biji trusted you but you broke her trust. Rajiv comes there too. Pari says I didn’t..

Gurindar shouts at her and says you spoiled the pooja. Rajiv says enough, we all trust Pari and she can’t do this mistake so let her explain. Gurindar asks him to shut up, she keeps spoiling our family happiness. Pami asks her stop it. Gurindar says we were about to do a sin because of her, she has a bad fate,

don’t you remember that her marriage was broken 2 times. Pami says I trust Pari completely and I know she would never do that. Gurindar tells Biji that Pari wants to destroy our family, she did such a sin. Chandrika says no someone must have tried to frame Pari. Gurindar asks Biji to punish her, Pari leaves. Gurindar says she should be punished. Biji says whoever has done this should be punished.

Pari’s mother tells Manjeet that I feel like Pari is in a trouble. He asks her to call and talk to her.

Pami thinks I am sure Pari wouldn’t run from this situation. Pari comes back to the family. Gurindar shouts at her to answer them. Pari tells the priest that I am sorry for all that, I have made another parsad. Biji says you cooked it again? Gurindar says she is doing drama again. The flashback shows how Pari was crying in the kitchen for hurting Biji, then she got her mother’s call and she asked if she is okay?

Pari starts crying so she asks what happened? Pari says I did a mistake, I made parsad and then.. she tells her everything. Her mother says don’t lose hope, you can rectify the mistake, just do as I say. She gave her instructions to cook again. The flashback ends. Pari tells Biji that I didn’t do any mistake but I will rectify it. Gurindar says you have already broken our trust. Biji asks her to shut up.

Biji asks the priest to forgive her, she did a mistake. The priest says she tried to rectify her mistake so we will eat for sure. Biji thanks them. Gurindar is angry and thinks why can’t I just bring her down. The priests eat Pari’s food and says its so delicious, she is blessed my Mata. Biji thanks them and tells Pari that I know you would always make us proud. Gurindar thinks I will make sure Pari leaves soon.

Rajiv meets his manager and asks him to go to another city for a meeting. Rajiv thinks how would he leave Neeti alone? The manager says we have booked your tickets.

Rajiv comes back home. Neeti brings tea for him. Pari comes there and gives medicines to Biji. Rajiv tells Biji that he is going on a trip, does she need anything? Biji says I don’t need anything, you will take Pari with you. Rajiv says it’s an office trip. Biji says so what? you can still spend time with her. Rajiv is worried.


Parineetii 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari falls down from the stool but Rajiv holds her. Biji smiles seeing that. Later on Rajiv takes care of Pari.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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