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Parineetii 24th May 2022 Amit calls Chandrika and asks about Pari and Rajeev. Chandrika says they are all stuck inside the bank and the robbers have locked them in. Vicky is trying to climb the wall. Simi is worried for him but Vicky enters the bank. He finds some people hiding from the robbers. Simi tells Tai that we found Vicky,

he didn’t care about himself and went to the bank. He really cares for his sister. Vicky helps people in leaving the bank from the window. He tells Simi that I will bring Neeti, Pari and Rajeev out. Simi says why does he care about that Neeti girl so much? Chandrika says maybe he likes her but why do you care? Do you like him? Simi says shut up.

Inside the bank, Rajeev is hugging Neeti. Pari is about to see them but Monty distracts her so Rajeev runs away with Neeti. Pari asks Monty where is Rajeev? Monty says we need to leave. He takes her from there.

The doctor treats the robber and says I need to leave now. Akki says you are important to us so you can’t leave. He asks where is your nurse? the doctor says she might have lost the way. Akki calls Kiran but Arjun takes the call and shouts at him.

Akki ends the call. Kiran shouts at Arjun that he will kill people if you act like this. Arjun says people die in operations like these. Kiran says we gave you a chance but you lost so stop it now. Akki calls Kiran again and says we came here for the gold so just bring that in and we will leave. Kiran says if I do something for you then what would you do?

Akki says I will free your doctor. Kiran says but she went in to treat your man. Akki says she brought a fake nurse with her so I don’t trust anyone. I will tell you who will bring the gold when you get it.

Neeti and Rajeev are hiding from the robbers. Vicky is about to see them. Rajeev holds the gun thinking it might be a robber following them.

Pari and Monty are looking for Rajeev but a robber catches them. She takes them to Akki.

Rajeev and Neeti are hiding but a robber catches them. He calls Akki and says I have found the guy and that nurse. Akki says bring them here in the main area.

Scene 2
Akki asks the doctor to guess who will wear bomb jackets to go outside and get the gold for us. That will be Pari, Rajeev and that fake nurse.

The robber is bringing Pari and Neeti back to the main area. Another robber is taking Pari and Monty to the main area also.

Kiran talks to Arjun and says I am sorry for shouting at you. Arjun says I am always right. Kiran says we have to keep our egos aside to win this case. Arjun says I don’t think you are fit for the job but you are sensible. Kiran says you think I am not capable because I am a woman? Arjun says I didn’t say that. Kiran says I think someone is giving information to Akki. Arjun says who that might be? Kiran finds some reporters spying on them. She catches them all.

Pari scolds the robber for causing trouble for everyone. She asks her to shut up. Vicky hides and sees Pari. He attacks the robber and takes a gun. He shoots in the air and starts beating them up. Neeti says I have to look for my friend. Rajeev says we have to run away, let’s go the other way. Just trust me. Pari is hiding from the robbers and sees Rajeev but she doesn’t see Neeti talking to him. Rajeev takes Neeti from there. Pari runs behind them. Vicky goes behind her.

Rajeev and Neeti hide in a room. Monty is there. Neeti says he is here too? Rajeev says stay here, I will find a gun. Neeti says don’t try to act like a hero. Rajeev says don’t worry. He opens the door and finds Pari coming to him. A robber is following her. Rajeev closes the door on her face. Pari is stunned.

The robber is about to punch Pari but Vicky comes there and beats him up. Pari hugs him and cries. Vicky says I am here so don’t worry, where is Rajeev? Pari says Rajeev is inside the room. Vicky says he left you outside? Pari says there might be a reason. He knocks on the door and says come out, there is no one here.

Neeti is about to open the door but Rajeev stops her. The robbers attack Pari and Vicky. They are taken from there. Rajeev tells Neeti that he has to tell her something. Neeti says what do you want to say right now? Rajeev says I never knew the situation will become like this. Neeti asks if he has gone crazy?

Rajeev whispers to Monty that Pari might have found the truth as I closed the door on her face. Monty says what are you doing? Rajeev says I will tell the truth to Neeti as I don’t want to lose her. Neeti comes back to him and asks what does he want to share? She jokes if he has another girl in his life? Rajeev looks on.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
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