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Parineetii 22nd November 2022 Babli calls her friend and says I put Monty in place. Monty comes there and glares at her. Babli says what are you doing here? Monty says I need your help, he says we have to stop Neeti from going to the pooja so that Pari and Rajiv can do the pooja.

Babli says I won’t help you, just leave. Monty thinks Rajiv is gone today. He leaves. Babli recalls Pari telling her that it’s not Neeti’s fault so she shouldn’t find the truth as she will be hurt. She stops him and says I will help you as Pari doesn’t want Neeti to be hurt. Monty asks her to keep Neeti locked in the room. Babli says you will have to help me. Monty says okay.

Chandrika calls Rajiv and Neeti. She asks him to come for the pooja. Rajiv hugs Neeti and says I will get dressed. Neeti gets a call from Babli, she acts like a salesperson from her office. Rajiv gets ready and leaves. Neeti is busy with Babli on the call.

Rajiv comes to the family and says I am ready for the pooja. Biji says you should have come with your wife. Pari comes there. Gurindar thinks soon Biji will start hating her. The priest asks them to sit in the pooja. Rajiv tells Pari that Monty-Babli will keep Neeti busy.

Babli keeps asking for Neeti’s information. Neeti says I don’t have time. Babli says we have to get your information today only. Neeti says I will complain about you. Babli says this is my job so please help me. Neeti says what’s your name? Babli says I am a newly joined in your office. She asks for her information. Neeti gets busy with her. Monty tells Babli to handle her, he will go and check on the pooja.

Pari and Rajiv sit in the pooja. Pari thinks I am sorry for cheating my friend but I have to do this for her. Chandrika tells Amit that they look so good together, I wish Rajiv wouldn’t have cheated Pari like that. Amit says Rajiv and Neeti are a real couple. Chandrika says why do you keep supporting Rajiv?

He is wrong. Chandrika says your brother is a cheater and will remain so. Rajiv is scared that Neeti might come. Monty comes there and sees them busy in the pooja. He sees a pretty girl there and introduces him. Babli comes there and sees him flirting. She glares at him and thinks he trapped and now flirting.

I will teach him a lesson. Monty is flirting with the girl and says your face is mesmerizing to me. Babli comes to them and asks the girl to stay away from this flirt, he just wants to use you. The girl thanks her and leaves. Monty glares at her and says why did you spoil my plan. Babli says focus on the plan, Neeti cut my call so she can be here soon. Monty says we have to stop her at any cost.

Babli says I don’t have an idea. The pooja is going on. Pami tells her husband that Pari is doing all this for us, he says there can be no one like Pari, she has always protected our family. Pami says you are right, she is bearing all this for Rajiv and Neeti. I wish I could do justice for her but I will protect her at any cost. I am just happy that Pari is doing the pooja with Rajiv. Gurindar thinks where is Neeti? I will bring the truth out soon.

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Telecast Date:22nd November 2022
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