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Parineetii 22nd July 2022 Neeti says we will always be together. The quiz starts. The host asks what makes a relationship strong? Pari writes trust on a paper. She says every relationship is based on trust. Neeti writes love.

She says love is the most important. Rajiv a relationship can’t be made without both love and trust. So my answer is love and trust. Sukhwinder and Gurpreet are doing arti. Strong winds blow and the candle blows.

Sukhwinder is scared. Gurpreet says why are you so scared? The host takes everyone’s papers. He asks the second question if there is a fight in a couple should you say sorry first and end it. Neeti says never say sorry it makes you look weak in front of him. So no sorry. Pari says saying sorry doesn’t make you a smaller person. You should accept your mistake and forgive your partner too.

Rajiv says we should be honest with our partner and shouldn’t do things that lead us to a sorry. The host asks if your partner is cheating on you, and if you catch him, will you forgive your partner?

Neeti says such a partner should be punished. Rajiv says such a partner should never be forgiven but if he loves you and has lost the way you should forgive them. Pari says my dad always said if the person comes back home you should welcome them with open arms so they don’t leave again. Neeti gets a call from her office. She goes out.

Sukhwinder tells Gurpreet about the letter. She says Sanju didn’t want to marry Neeti. I begged Sanju to marry her but I am still scared. Gurpreet says don’t worry. God will bless them. I will pray for Neeti. She says don’t worry everything will be fine. The light turns on. Rajiv goes after Neeti. The woman stops Pari.

She starts talking to her. She says you have kept the men tied. They don’t change. Pari writes a fake name on her paper. The woman doesn’t let Pari go. The woman says we will win for sure. Neeti goes back in, the watchman stops her. He says you can’t go back in. He says show me your pass. Neeti calls Rajiv.

The host says the winner isn’t a couple of today, it’s 3 people. Rajiv comes back in. He sees Pari sitting behind him. Neeti calls Rajiv and says he’s not letting me in. Show me the pass. Pari sees Rajiv leaving. She goes after him. Gurpreet calls Pari. Rajiv says to Neeti let’s go back home. She says no I wanna see who won. They come back in.

The host says the winner is three people. One man and two women. Neeti says no one can come between us so it’s not us. Pari is out. The host says the winner today is.. Sanju. Neeti claps. Rajiv says I don’t know who is the other girl.

He says the winner is Neeti. Neeti says let’s go on stage. He says a third person is Nupur. Neeti says who is that? Rajiv says I don’t know. The host says we will play another game. You will get a digit. The couple who gets the same digit will win. Rajiv sees Pari outside. He goes out. He says Pari what are you doing here?

Scene 2
Chandrika brings food for Mishika. She says where is Pari? Chandrika says if you finish your food Pari will come. Mishika says I won’t eat. I miss Pari. Chandrika says Pari will be mad at me. Mishka says I don’t wanna eat. Chandrika says please eat. She says what about the hostel? Mishika says I don’t wanna go back. Chandrika says I got the new noodles. Mishika says I love them. She says I will eat with the Pari doll. Chandrika says let me get you the noodles.

Rajiv says are you following me? Spying on me? Do you doubt me? Pari says I came here to get a blueberry cake for Mishika. She loves it. Rajiv says thank God she didn’t see. Pari says in her heart I saw everything but couldn’t see her face. Pari says what are you doing here? This is a couple’s restaurant.


Parineetii 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The host calls Pari and Rajiv on stage and gives them the trophy. Neeti comes in. Pari says you must be feeling weird with me here right because you didn’t come here with me right? Rajiv sees Neeti coming in.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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