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Parineetii 21st November 2022 Pami tells Gurindar that I will keep an eye on you so don’t try to harm Pari. Gurindar says Pari has made us grow apart, why would I want Pari to be harmed? Pami says because you want money, you are greedy.

Gurindar says Pari is greedy for my son. Pami says you destroyed Pari’s life and put your son’s life through hell too. Gurindar says Rajiv made me helpless. Pami says stay away from Pari. Gurindar says then I can go and tell everything to Biji? Pami says you are threatening me? Gurindar says you already think bad about me so I don’t care, she leaves. Pami says I have to control this woman.

Pari is cooking in the kitchen. Chandrika comes there and says you cooked all this alone? Pari says I cooked it with Neeti. Chandrika says it’s smelling so good. She says I don’t know how we will be able to give your place to Neeti in this house. Pari says you will always start liking her and she will become part of this family. Chandrika says no one can take your place. She leaves from there.

Neeti comes there and says everyone will like your food. Pari says I want them to praise you only. Neeti says we are one so it’s okay. Pari smiles. Neeti says I would have been angry if it was some other woman. Neeti asks her to go and rest for some time. Pari says what if Biji comes? Neeti says I will tell her that you went to change, don’t worry. Pari asks her to just check the food.

She leaves from there. Neeti says I will learn to cook soon. I should be proud of this. Rajiv comes there and says its smelling so good. Neeti wants to get flour but its on top shelf. Rajiv says I can help but Neeti takes stool and gets it. Rajiv asks her to be careful. He hugs her and the flour box falls down, Rajiv slips and the flour falls on him. Neeti laughs at him and says you are looking cute.

She cleans his face. Biji comes there and asks what is going on here? Neeti and Rajiv move away from each other. Biji asks where is Pari? Neeti says she went to change. Biji asks Rajiv if he has no shame to be with an outsider woman? Rajiv says I just came here. Neeti says actually.. Biji says you are an outsider so stop it. She tries to leave but falls down and her face gets covered with flour too. Biji angrily leaves.

Scene 2
The priest is ready for the pooja. Biji comes there and her face is covered with flour, all are scared. Chandrika says what happened to you? Biji shouts that its just flour, Pari shouldn’t have let her friend Neeti in the kitchen, she goes to wash her face. Gurindar comes there and asks why are you roaming around like a ghost? Biji asks her to go to the kitchen and check it. Gurindar leaves. Biji says what if this girl is trying to trap Rajiv and destroy Pari’s marital life? I can’t let that happen.

Gurindar comes to Rajiv and Neeti. She says you both should have been careful, she asks them to go and get ready.

Monty is getting ready when Rajiv comes to him, he asks what plan did you make with Babli? Monty thinks he keeps asking me to save him. Monty says I will talk to Babli after getting ready. Rajiv says you have to stop Neeti from going to the pooja. Monty thinks he has 2 wives but can’t let a single person be happy. Rajiv says you don’t understand the pain of a married man. Monty says your pain is having 2 wives. Rajiv stops him and says please do something and stop Neeti.

Neeti is getting ready and asks Rajiv to tie her dori. Rajiv says stay away from me, I am getting ready for the pooja. Neeti says we will sit in the pooja together. She brings him to the bathroom and says I will clean your face. Rajiv pulls her closer. He ties her dori and caresses her face. He hugs her from behind.

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