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Parineetii 21st July 2022 Pari goes inside the temple to pray. Neeti and Rajiv drive past the same place. Neeti says my earring fell. Drive slowly. He stops the car. Pari sees Rajiv in the car. Pari doesn’t see Neeti’s face but she sees a girl with Rajiv. Pari says Rajiv with a girl who is she? Pari asks the driver to follow them. The taxi doesn’t start. Pari says please follow them.

Mishika comes to Balwinder’s room and wakes him up. He shouts and says what are you doing here? She says sorry papa I wanted to show you my new doll she wanted to talk to you. He says I don’t even wanna talk to you neither your doll. He throws her a doll and says don’t show me your face again.

Get lost you ruined my sleep. Monty stops Mishika. He asks what happened? She says I went to show my doll to papa he threw it out and asked me to leave as well. Monty says go to your room, give your doll first aid, and we will treat it together. Monty says to Balwinder what is this behavior?

She’s your daughter. Rajiv will be so mad when he finds out. Balwinder says I am not scared of Rajiv. I don’t wanna see her face that’s why I left her at the hostel. She reminds me of the past. Monty says what’s her fault? She’s just a child. She is here for a few days. At least don’t shout at her. Balwinder says don’t talk to me about that curse. Go from here.

Pari chases the car. Mishika says no one loves me except for Rajiv and Pari. All kids have parents. I have never seen my mom and my dad is always mad at me. Can you make Rajiv and Pari my parents’ God? Monty gives her chocolates. He says Rajiv got these for you. She asks about Pari. Monty says I will ask her to come to you.

Simi says to Monty if you wanna live in this house don’t give Mishika anything. Monty says she’s just a child. Simi says this is a house, not a landfill. We can’t have dirt here from the past. Monty says she will listen. Please don’t say that. Simi says she will betray us like her mom. She will be the same. Monty says she will go back in a few days. Simi says she better never come here again.

Scene 2
Neeti says it feels like a movie. I never thought I will love someone so much. You have changed me so much, that it feels like a fairytale. He says you’re a fairy yourself. Ever since you came my life has changed. You’re exactly how I wanted my life partner to be. You’re perfect. Neeti says you’re such a flirt.

The car stops. Pari stops her taxi behind. Her door doesn’t open. Rajiv gets out of the car and opens Neeti’s door. Pari says come my life partner, my dream girl. Neeti holds his hand. She steps out. Pari is looking at them. Pari doesn’t see her face.

Flower sprinkle of Neeti. Pari says that means I was right, Rajiv was cheating on me. I can’t be weak. I have to know who that girl is. Rajiv and Neeti go inside. Neeti’s back is towards Pari so she doesn’t see her face.

Rajiv asks Neeti if she likes the setup? She says I love it. She says thank you for making me so happy. I feel a bit scared too. I hope it doesn’t get scared. He says you don’t think that traditionally that’s why I loved you.

You’re modern and independent. She says I was joking. Thank you for making my life so special. He gives her a flower and says thank you for making every day of my life special. Pari is outside, she looks for them. The manager comes to give the order. He says we have some games for the couples here.

The winner will free complimentary dinner. Neeti says we will play it. Pari comes in and says I will find out who this girl is. A woman from Pari’s village is there. She asks her how she is? Pari says you here? The woman says are you spying on Rajiv? Pari says what? She says joking, it’s a couple’s restaurant, I know you’re here with him.

Where is he? Pari says did you see him? She says no. You would know. Pari says I lost him. The woman says Rajiv is sitting there. Who is that girl with him? Did he sit at the wrong table?

Neeti says we have to win. Pari says I will see thank you. Pari goes towards the table. Lights go off. The music starts. The host dances around. Pari can’t see Neeti’s face. She sees Rajiv. The manager asks Pari to sit at her table. He says our games are starting soon. Pari sits at a table. She sees Rajiv with the girl.

The host says you all love your partners. Love makes you feel like anything is possible. The old woman says our relationship is for 7 lives. He says I am Vicky, the host. We have a quiz game that will tell us which couple knows each other the best.

They give papers to all the couples. Neeti says we have to win. The host says you can’t see each other’s chits. Pari says I thought I will understand and know you with time. I will be like what you want but you didn’t even give me a chance. You held someone else’s hand.


Parineetii 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv sees Pari. He goes to her and says what are you doing here? Are you spying on me? Following me? Doubting me? Pari says what are you doing here? This is a couple’s restaurant. What are you doing here?

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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