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Parineetii 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 20th May 2022 Arjun asks Kiran what to do about the plan? Kiran says just give me 10 minutes and I will give you details about inside the bank. She asks about Mukesh. Arjun says he hid the key under the sofa and left it from here. Kiran says okay, I will try to get some news from the kid.

She asks the kid what happened inside? The kid says we were inside when some people entered and took our phones. Pari calls on her phone, Kiran takes the call and asks who are you? Pari says I am Parineet Rajeev.

Kiran says your husband saved some people? Pari says yes. Kiran says you have to help us save people. She asks Pari to move to a safer location and wipe a CCTV with something. Pari says I will use my dupatta. She starts moving into the bank and cleans a CCTV. Kiran says I can see you now on my monitor. She asks Pari to find a white camera and clean it. Pari says I found it, she goes and cleans it.

Kiran asks her to keep moving and clean more CCTVs. Pari goes to another camera but some robbers are looking for her. Kiran says how did you call me? Pari says I took the robbers’ phone. She says I will talk to you later, she ends the call and leaves from there.

Rajeev tells Monty that I thought Pari is an innocent girl but she showed her claws today. Monty says you should be worried now as if you tell her the truth then she won’t spare you.

Pari video calls Neeti and says I am fine. Some robbers try to catch Pari but she runs away from them. Rajeev finds her and runs away before the robbers can catch them. Neeti tries to call Pari back but she has lost her phone. Neeti tries calling Sanju but he is not picking up.

Simi and Chandrika go to the bank to find Rajeev and Pari.

Rajeev and Pari hide in a dark room. Pari smiles sitting on his lap. Rajeev asks her to keep sitting there as the robbers might find them. Pari says you have different sides, sometimes you are sweet but sometimes you act like Sunny Deol. I was proud when you tried to save me and others. Rajeev says I got angry when I saw them pulling your hair.

Pari says my baba was the same, he wouldn’t let anything harm me. You also must think to always protect me. Rajeev tucks her hair back and looks away. He says we should go now. Pari gets up from his lap. They try to leave the room but some robbers come there. Rajeev locks them in the room and runs away with Pari.

Scene 2
Neeti comes outside the bank and tries to go inside. Kiran is trying to control the media.

The boss calls Akki and asks him to do the robbery fast. The boss is none other than the bank manager Mukesh. Akki tells his robbers to start the attack. They all take their guns. Arjun enters the bank with his force from the back door.

Neeti tries to go inside the bank but the police stop her. Neeti fights them but they push her away.

Kiran is watching the CCTV. The kid identifies Rajeev and Pari on the CCTV. Neeti comes there and finds Rajeev on the screen. She says he is my fiance, he is also inside? She fights with the police to do something.

Arjun and his force open firing on the robbers. Rajeev and Pari hide under the table.

Vicky is trying to go to the bank but his car breakdowns. He tries to get a lift, a car stops him and it’s Simi’s car. He sits in the car. Simi says we are going to the bank also. Vicky says just drive fast.

Rajeev and Pari are hiding from the firing. Pari is scared so Rajeev covers her ear with his hands and asks her to calm down. Pari longingly stares at him.


Parineetii 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Thieves call police and ask them to send doctor or else Parineet will be killed for ruining the whole plan.Neeti hears that on speaker and rushes to Pari.

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Telecast Date:20th May 2022
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