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Parineetii 20th July 2022 Pari walks on a dark road. Rajiv looks for a taxi. He sees Pari on the road too. Rajiv recalls what Pari said. Pari recalls he said he never liked her and she has some shortcomings hence people kept rejecting her.

Rajiv walks to her in anger. He is about to slap her. Rajiv twists her hand and says why are you following me now? What do you want? You have made me homeless. Pari says I have seen your reality, you lied to me you did drama to me. You lied to my family. Rajiv laughs and says, love?

Have you ever seen your face? I only love one girl. I will spend my whole life with her. You’re homeless. You can’t go anywhere. Pari says shut up. He says take your first bus to your place. Go and tell everyone first two engagements broke and now your in-laws kicked you out. Tell Pari can never be happily married.

Pari says shut up. Rajiv says you are a curse. Pari shouts enough. You are so disgusting. He says I didn’t know I will pay such a big price for saving your life and your dad’s name. Go and tell your family and if you can’t go then get lost.

They will be shocked by shame. Poor your mom she won’t even make it. Look at yourself, you have nowhere to go. Pari was imagining in. Pari steps in. She says thank God it was imagination only. I need to find the proof first.

Scene 2
Neeti gets ready. She sees her phone ringing. She says I am coming downstairs Sanju. He says you will look so pretty I know. He says I need some time too. I will come in a bit. Pari sees Rajiv leaving the house.

Neeti calls Pari. She says to Neeti that if I tell Tai ji she will kick him out of the house but that will make his plan work. He will get rid of everyone and then I will have to leave this house too. My mom won’t be able to take it. You know how much people will taunt me. How will I protect my family?

Neeti says don’t say all that. PAri says Rajiv will be exposed but free of everything and my family and I will be in trouble. I want proof first. Neeti says I am with you don’t worry. Pari says until I don’t find a proof I won’t expose Rajiv so no one can question me. Neeti says we will find everything.

Rajiv is in the restroom. Pari tries to steal his phone. He comes out. Pari hides behind a curtain. Monty comes and says you’re here. Mishika wants to play with the doll you got her. She is saying I want the Rajiv doll too. She is saying she will get the Rajiv doll married to the Pari doll.

Rajiv says Pari and I make a perfect couple so would our dolls. Pari is very nice. She has done so much for me. Pari is shocked. Rajiv says she is very nice, I don’t know if I even deserve her. Rajiv leaves. Pari is confused. She wonders why was Rajiv praising her. If he has an affair why was he praising her?

Simi asks Rajiv where are you going? He says I have to go somewhere. Simi says the driver isn’t here. Rajiv says I will drive. Simi says but you don’t like driving. He says I will manage today.

Pari recalls what Neeit said. Rajiv’s phone rings in Pari’s hand. Rajiv asks Pari my phone with you? She says you forgot it. Pari didn’t see Neeti’s name. Rajiv says to Pari I will be late today. I am going for something away. Pari asks where are you going? He says I have a meeting. Pari wonders about such late night meeting? I will find out who she is?

Scene 3
Rajiv leaves. Rajiv saved Neeti’s name as boss on his phone. Pari comes and asks the taxi driver to follow him. Neeti calls Sanju. She says where are you and why weren’t you picking up my phone? He says I am coming. You can fight then. Neeti calls Pari and says did you get Rajiv’s phone?

She says he saw it I had to return it. Pari says he’s going to meet that girl. I am following him. She says I am going on a date with Sanju. Pari says stay happy. Pari asks the driver to drive fast. He says I am following him. He misses the car. He says I don’t know where did it go? He says I can’t take such a big U-turn. He must have gone. Pari is upset.

Rajiv comes to Neeti and says I am so sorry. She sits in his car. He says you look so pretty. He says you look stressed.

The driver says to Pari sorry I missed that car. She says it’s okay. My life missed me. He says that man must be very bad, there are good people in this world too. She says whoever I found was a liar. If he loved someone else why did he marry me?

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