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Parineetii 1st September 2022 Rajeev tells the nurse sorry I slept on the bed with Neeti. She laughs and says I need to change her dressing. Neeti laughs at him and asks him to go out. Rajeev goes out and looks for his friends Ajay and Shay.

He sees Monty’s missed calls and calls him back. Monty says I am still at the station to get Beeji, he asks about Neeti. Rajeev says she woke up and she is fine now. Monty asks if he has any update from the jail about Pari.

Rajeev is shocked and asks why is Pari in the jail? why? Monty tells him everything. Rajeev says that can’t be possible, she was calling me but I scolded her. If she called me which means she is out now.

Rajeev says Neeti will be in the hospital so I will stay here. Monty says then Tai ji will ask about you, when Neeti sleeps then you can go home. Rajeev says that’s a good idea, he ends the call. He goes in the room and sees Neeti sleeping, he leaves from there.

Rajeev comes back home. He finds Pari in the room and asks why is she up till now? Pari glares at him and asks why is he late today? Rajeev says I had dinner with my boss. Pari asks if his boss never invites his wife? Rajeev thinks why is she questioning me today? he says I don’t know that, he goes to change.

Pari thinks he might have saved Neeti’s number as boss. Pari takes her pillow and leaves from there. Rajeev comes to the room and sees Pari gone, he says she might have gone to the kitchen. He finds her pillow gone and says something is wrong, did she see me with Neeti? If she did then she would have confronted me.

I should talk to her, I have hurt her a lot but she saved Neeti’s life. He calls Ajay and asks about Neeti. Ajay says she is sleeping so don’t worry. Rajeev thanks him for staying there. He ends the call. Tai ji asks where is Pari?

Rajeev says she went to the kitchen. Tai ji says Beeji is coming tonight so I am waiting for her, she leaves from there. Rajeev says I should sleep now as I have to be in the hospital early.

Pari comes to the store room and sits in a corner. She curls on the floor and cries alone recalling everything. Tai ji comes there and asks what are you doing here? You did a big mistake. Pari thinks she is angry. Tai ji says you went against me which is not allowed here. Pari says I am sorry.

Tai ji says thank you for thinking good but you stayed out the night, I was worried about you and you didn’t tell me anything. Pari says I got scared. Tai ji asks about her friend’s health. Pari says she is fine now.

Tai ji says if you want to live with her then go. Pari says no, I want to handle everything at my inlaws house. Tai ji asks why are you sleeping here? Pari says I was preparing for the anniversay and lied down here, she leaves from there. Tai ji thinks why was she sleeping here? Did she and Rajeev had a night?

Pari comes to her room and goes to the bed. Rajeev looks on. He asks what’s going on? Pari says I am sleeping. Rajeev tells sorry to Pari for scolding her on the phone, I was in a meeting so I got angry at you.

Pari glares at him and says I am sleeping here so don’t make a scene. Rajeev says I did a mistake so I will sleep on the floor. Pari sleeps on the floor otherside. Rajeev thinks why is so angry, I scolded her before also.. did she find out the truth? He recalls how the doctor told him she brought Neeti to the hospital.

In the morning, Rajeev wakes up when Ajay calls hi, he says I am coming there. He leaves. Pari wakes up and thinks if Neeti is okay?


Parineetii 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeev is on the call with Neeti and says if you want me there then tell me you love me, Neeti says I love you. Rajeev says I love you too. Pari hides and hears that. Later on Rajeev tells Pari that husband and wife fights but what’s the problem? Pari says the problem is that I know everything, I saw you. Rajeev gets scared.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
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