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Parineetii 19th May 2022 The robber Akki calls the inspector Kiran and says I am not a useless robber, I am professional and have worked my way around. Kiran says I have never failed any mission. Akki says give me the locker room key otherwise I will kill the girl Parineet Rajeev Bajwa who called you up. She is a newly married girl so think about it. I will shoot her at a count of 3.. he counts from 1..2..3.. and shoots. Rajeev and Monty are shocked.

Mandeep comes to Vicky and asks what was going on with you and Neeti? Vicky says nothing. Mandeep says you lied to me, she didn’t want to talk to me. I am your mother and telling you that she doesn’t deserve you. She was always behind you. Vicky says you are wrong about her, she has someone else in her life.

Mandeep says that girl is no good, stay away from her. I am sure she must have trapped a rich and married man. Vicky says she has been engaged to a good person. Mandeep says did you meet her fiance? Vicky says I couldn’t meet him but I met his friends. Mandeep says he didn’t even bring his family? You should go and meet his family. Why did that guy not bring his family? We have to meet the guy. Vicky says he keeps Neeti happy and that’s what matters. Mandeep says he might be already married and fooling Neeti, you should meet him. She leaves from there. Vicky looks on.

Rajeev asks Pari if she is fine? Pari cries and nods. Akki calls the inspector Kiran and says I know you have two kids so you shouldn’t be catching criminals like this. Kiran says I am a mother but I am also a police officer so this is my duty. Akki says I want the locker room key and gold. You have 15 minutes to save these hostages.

Kiran says give me at least 30 minutes to find Mukesh. Akki says I will give you 20 minutes to find him. Kiran ends the call and start making her team work to look for a solution. Mukesh is there too. She asks her officer Amit to call Arjun and tell him we will start the operation in 10 minutes. She gets a call from the commissioner who says these criminals shouldn’t get any money, we will handle the collatoral damage. She says okay and ends the call.

The press arrives outside the bank and gathers around Kiran. They ask what is happening inside the bank? Are they dangerous robbers? Kiran says I am here to save people so stop making headlines, let us work and stop this live telecast as then criminals will get the news. I am requesting you to not telecast any news related to this operation.

You have to help us save these people. The reporters agree with her. She asks them to give her space and says this place is dangerous. Kiran asks Amit to handle the media and don’t let them publish any news. She asks about Arjun and goes to meet him.

Kiran comes to Arjun and says I am leading this case. Arjun says I am leading this operation so I am going inside. She says I will go with you. Arjun says I have taken the permission from the commissioner.

Neeti sees the news of a robbery in a bank and recalls Pari going there. She calls her but she is not picking up. Neeti calls Vicky and asks him to call Pari’s inlaws and ask if Pari has come back from the bank? Vicky tries to call Rajeev but he is not picking. Neeti says I am going to the bank. Vicky says I am coming there too.

Akki tells Pari that the police arrived here because of you. Pari says you should be ashamed of doing all this. We have been held hostages for hours now. He asks her to shut up. A kid asks for water but Akki asks her to shut up. Pari gets up and gives the water to her even if the robber tries to stop her. Akki says we should teach her a lesson.

Pari says I am just giving her water. A robber tries to grab her but Rajeev snatches the gun from her and asks them to stand in a line. He says I will shoot you guys. Akki says why are you taking a risk for this girl? What if your wife finds out you are protecting this girl? Rajeev says you want to know if I can fire a gun? I will show it to you. Akki says you are scared, you are just pretending to be strong.

Rajeev’s hands shake and he puts the gun down. Akki says you can’t lie to yourself. Rajeev puts the gun back at him and asks the other goons to move back. He makes them all stand in a line and asks a robber to open the door. Akki says I won’t spare you, just think before doing anything. Rajeev says just open the door. A robber goes and opens the bank door. Rajeev asks the kid to leave from there.

Kiran asks Arjun if he is doubting her? Arjun says I am just doing my duty, I will go inside and bring out everyone safely. I will enter the bank from the backside. A kid comes out of the bank with some people. Kiran and Arjun come there. Inside the bank, Rajeev asks everyone to leave the bank. They start leaving one by one. Pari recalls the same situation in which Jaswant died. Rajeev asks her to leave.

Pari says I won’t leave without you. Rajeev says we don’t have time, please go from here. Pari says please take care. She starts leaving the bank with others. The robber is trying to hold off the door from others. Pari finds a phone and hides it. Monty tries to leave but a robber attacks him. Rajeev tries to save him but Akki attacks Rajeev. Rajeev pushes him away and runs with Monty and Pari. They hide in the bank. The robbers hold others as hostages.

Akki is looking for Rajeev, Pari and Monty. He gets the commissioner’s call and tells his gang members to find Rajeev.

A high-profile man is watching the bank robbery news on TV and calls Akki. He says just do the work fast as the news is already out. Just do the robbery fast. The man’s face is not shown.

Some hostages come out of the bank, the reporters try to question them but Kiran protects them. She takes them from there.

Chandrika starts watching the news and sees the headline about the robbery. She recalls Rajeev, Pari and Monty going there.

A reporter asks the kid how did she come out of the bank? The kid says there is a girl inside the bank called Pari, her husband saved me.

Neeti watches the news and says thank God Rajeev is there with Pari, he is a good person to always stand with her. I just hope she is fine. She recalls Pari telling her that she has to always come to save her.

Chandrika, Simi and Tai watch the news. They are scared for Rajeev, Monty and Pari.

Rajeev scolds Monty for not leaving the bank. Monty says don’t worry, the police will save us. Rajeev says they can’t do anything. He scolds Pari for not leaving in time. Pari says how could I leave you alone with these robbers? You are not a superman. Rajeev is surprised seeing her confront him. Pari says why did you attack the robbers? anything could have happened to you. How would fight with them?

You are not a policeman. I would stay with you as I am your wife. Don’t make me leave you again. Rajeev says if I have to do something for your benefit then I would not care if you like it or not. Pari says you don’t care about what I like? Rajeev says no. Pari says fine and starts leaving from there. Monty asks Rajeev to say sorry to her but Rajeev says no.


Parineetii 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The robbers and bankers start fighting each other in the bank. Rajeev and Pari hide under a table. Rajeev protects Pari. There are gunshots going around in the bank. Neeti enters there and looks for Pari.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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