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Parineetii 18th October 2022 Neeti dances with Sanju. He gives her an anklet and makes her wear it. Neeti smiles. He sees Neeti’s face in the mirror. The women sprinkle flowers on them. Pari is sad. Neeti looks at her. She feels bad for Pari. Neeti was imagining it. Pari asks are you okay? Neeti says yes.

They start circling the thaal. Sanju looks at Neeti. He says in his heart forgive me and my mom for ruining your first karva Chauth, Pari. Thank you for all that you did. Neeti sits with Gurinder. Pari leaves. Rajveer goes after Pari. He says I wish I had a bigger word than thank you. All happiness that Neeti and I have today is because of you.

I know Karva Chauth is a special day for any girl. You must have planned a lot for this day. But I made it a sad day for you. I respect you a lot more now. You’re a lot more special to me now. I know whoever you go to you, you will brighten up their life. You love with no condition or motive. You love purely.

Pari says what’s the point of all this now? There’s no point. Rajiv says I regret and have guilt about what I did. You’re a very good human. I wish I could make your day special. Pari says you have to make it special for Neeti. You should break her fast, she has right over these things, not me.

There’s no meaning of this fast or anyone I would fast for on this day. Rajiv says I know you’re doing all this for Neeti. I wish I could make this day special for you, if you had fasted for me, I would break your fast too. Pari says enough. At least be on one side now. Neeti is everything to you now. I don’t need your sympathy or you. Pari leaves in tears.

Scene 2
Neeti says where is the moon, I can’t wait for food. Your junior is also hungry. Rajiv hugs her. Tai Ji says he has no shame. Tao Ji says he has sold all his shame. God can show him the right path only. Gurinder says he’s with his wife, what’s your problem? Tao Ji says to ignore her. The moon is out. Everyone is happy. Neeti does Sanju’s arti. Pari looks at him. Neeti sees his face in the net. Pari also sees his face through the same net. Neeti says I love you. Rajiv makes her drink water.

Pari faints. Rajiv runs to her. He says, Pari. Open your eyes. He splashes water on her face. The water goes into her mouth. Gurinder says what did you do? Neeti says are you okay Pari? Pari says I am fine. Gurinder says Pari take Monty downstairs. She says Sanju makes Neeti eat first.. She hasn’t eaten anything. Neeti says are you okay Pari? Pari says yes I am fine. You should break your fast first.

Pami says see God’s game again. Pari’s fast broke from Rajiv’s hand before Neeti. Gurinder says she did this drama to drink water from his hands. Pami says they are united by God. You can think what you want. Pari looks at Neeti and Sanju in tears. Monty says the doctor is coming. They take Pari downstairs. The doctor checks Pari she is weak. She hasn’t eaten anything. She didn’t eat medicine either.

Pami recalls she didn’t eat and puked what she ate. Pami says this means Pari was fasting. Neeti wonders Pari didn’t fast then why didn’t she eat? Tao Ji asks are you okay? Pari says I am fine now. Gurinder says to Neeti she’s a guest, you both didn’t take my blessings because of her? Neeti touches her feet. Gurinder says after marriage in-laws and MIL are more important than friends. She says come with me, Chandrika.

Neeti asks pari why did you fast for that disgusting man? He shouldn’t be in your life. Pari says we can’t decide fate. Rajiv says let’s go eat Neeti. Pari you also come with us. Pari says no I am fine. Tai Ji says come with us.

Scene 3
Everyone eats the food. Pami gives Pari food. Simi says Neeti you are glowing so much. Monty says Sanju is also blushing. Amit says Neeti cares so much for Neeti. Gurinder says God keeps the evil eyes off them. They look so good together. Pari leaves. Rajiv coughs. Neeti gives him water. Pari says I’ve to go. Rajiv is here, he wants to go out with me. Pami says but you’re not well. Pari says I am fine. I have to go. Rajiv wonders why is she lying. Rajiv says it’s too late. Neeti says to make him wait as he did. Pari says I have to go. Chandrika says to eat first. Pari says no I have to go. Rajiv wonders where is she going so late.

Pari packs her bags. Pami asks where are you going? Pari says I don’t know either. Where to go. I have to go. I can’t stay here. I don’t know where to but I can’t stay here. Pami says but.. Pari says please don’t stop me today. Pami says okay. I won’t stop you this time. I won’t hurt you. Rajiv will regret not valuing you. He didn’t chagne. He is Gurinder’s son. Liar and a cheat. Pari says please take care of your health. Give me your blessings that I never come between Neeti and her happiness. Pami says what are about?

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