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Parineetii 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Parineetii 18th May 2022 Pari tells Rajeev that he is right, we should be practical in this situation.

The robber waits for the bankers to arrive with the gold. They arrive there.

A robber is searching for Monty and says you can’t even go on the roof as we have locked it, come outside otherwise I will find you and shoot you. Monty is scared. Rajeev and Pari hide from them. The robber catches Monty but Pari acts by putting a gun on the robber’s head and taking her phone.

She tries to call the police. Rajeev points a real gun at the robber while Pari is calling the police but they don’t pick up. Pari calls Neeti but she doesn’t take the call also. Pari calls the police but the robbers have caught Rajeev, Pari gives a hint to the inspector and ends the call.

The banker enters the bank with the gold. The robbers are waiting for him.

Pari cries and tells the robber that don’t do anything with Rajeev. The robber says I won’t spare this girl if the police are here.

The banker gets a message about the bank being under attack. He thinks I can’t let them know that I know the truth. He tries to leave the bank. The robbers run behind him.

Rajeev thinks that we have to find a way to get out of this situation. Pari thinks if they find out that I have given a hint to the police then they won’t spare us. Rajeev attacks the robber and runs from there with Pari.

Monty hides in another place. Rajeev asks Pari to hide under the table, she says what about you? He says don’t worry. He makes her hide under the table and leaves from there.

The robbers are trying to keep everything under control but Mukesh runs from there.

Pari is hiding under the table but a robber finds her. Pari cries for Rajeev.

Rajeev thinks if this Pari dies then all my problems will end, he prays to Lord to solve his troubles by making Pari die. Pari is screaming for Rajeev to save her. Monty comes to Rajeev. Rajeev says I was thinking that she should die but I am not that kind of a person, I have to save her, he goes back to Pari.

Neeti meets Vicky and says you are here? Vicky says I have saved your brother but I didn’t have to go back to the village. Neeti says thank you, we can be good friends. Mandeep arrives there and sees them talking. She calls Vicky and asks if he has done the bank work? Vicky says I am busy and ends the call.

Mandeep glares at him. Vicky tells Neeti I had to lie to my mother because you don’t like her. Neeti laughs and says I am planning a get-together with all of us, I will call you. She leaves.

The robber brings Pari to the main area and says this person called the police. The robber says I will kill you. Pari shouts that you people are doing the wrong thing and we should remain silent? Rajeev and Monty hide, they hear her. Rajeev says sometimes she acts like a scared woman and sometimes she becomes a lioness. Pari thinks Rajeev won’t come to save her as he is being practical.

Another robber catches Rajeev and brings him to Pari. Pari says don’t do anything to him. Another person attacks a robber and there are chaos all around. Pari falls in Rajeev arms and smiles. The robber asks them to stay silent. They find that the police are outside. Pari smiles at Rajeev. The inspector calls the robber Akki and says surrender to us. Akki says I will kill everyone here if you don’t let me take the money from here. He is about to shoot Pari.


Parineetii 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti says I will go save Pari.Thief on call says if I don’t get locker room keys, then I will shoot Pari, he counts till 3 and shoots.Neeti walks in as he shoots.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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