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Parineetii 17th May 2022 Neeti thinks that she can’t keep missing things otherwise she will lose her job.

In the bank, Pari hides from the robbers. Rajeev enters the bank again and hides from them in a room. A robber catches him and asks him to come out. Pari drags him from there before the robber can take him away, and they run away from there.

Pari and Rajeev hide in a different room, the robbers are looking for them. Pari is scared and holds Rajeev’s hand. Rajeev looks at their joined hands and looks away. Pari smiles at him. Rajeev tries to leave but Pari stops him.

Rajeev thanks her and says I have to go in an area where there is a network. Why did you come behind me? Pari says they would have caught you and anything could have happened to you. Rajeev says you are right. They find robbers dragging people from there at a gunpoint. They hide from them.

A robber points the gun at the bank manager Mukesh and asks about the gold delivery. Mukesh says they would find out about the robbery going on and won’t send the jewelry. If you want to save yourself then leave and I won’t tell anything to the police. The robber laughs at him and says you are entertaining.

Mukesh says aren’t you scared of the police? The robber says there is no network in this branch, nobody can call us here and we have a put a board outside which says the bank is under service. Just tell me when is the gold arriving? Mukesh cries. A man tells the robber that Mukesh’s father owns this bank that’s why he is loyal. Mukesh says you can become a part of my team and I will give you a share.

The man says the gold will be coming but I won’t help you. The robber says then we won’t spare you. He fires in the air and makes all the hostages stand in a line. One robber goes to check all the rooms. Rajeev and Pari hide from him. Rajeev whispers to Pari that he can’t find us, Pari says I am scared.

The robber checks their room but they hide from him under the table. Rajeev holds Pari’s hand to pull her in. She smiles at him and they share an eye lock. Rajeev leaves her hand as the robber leaves. Some robbers go to open the safe but they can’t open it with the keys, she says I will bring a cutter and asks another robber to keep standing here. She leaves from there.

Rajeev and Pari find a glass piece on the floor, Pari says I will bring something. She goes from there. Rajeev holds the glass piece and finds a robber there. He asks who are you? The robber thinks he doesn’t know I am part of the gang, he cries and says I am hiding from the goons. I am just a customer.

Pari comes there so Rajeev says he is a customer too. Pari finds the gang mark on his hand. The robber points the gun at Rajeev and Pari. He asks them to do not do anything drastic. He points the gun at Rajeev. Monty arrives there too. Pari is scared seeing Rajeev at a gun point and throws a pot at the robber. He falls down, Pari takes his guns and runs from there with Rajeev and Monty. Another robber comes there and tries to find them.

Pari, Rajeev and Monty hide from the robbers. Rajeev gets scared seeing the gun in Pari’s hand and moves away from her. Rajeev asks if it’s her father’s gun? Pari says no no.. I took the run from the robber. Monty says she is smart, she threw a pot at the robber and took his gun.

Rajeev says I thought Monty saved me but Pari did it? Monty says she did all that, her mind was working in a panic situation and took the gun from him. Pari says when I saw him pointing a gun at Rajeev then I had to do something. Rajeev says thank you for saving my life again, how did you find out he was not a customer? Pari says he had the same tattoo as gang members on his hand. Rajeev is surprised and says your observation is clear. Pari says yes, I can find out who is lying soon. Rajeev gets scared hearing that.

Beeji is hiding in a room with a small kid, she tries to call but it’s not working. A robber comes there and catches them.

Rajeev asks Pari how does she find out if someone is lying? Pari says to look in my eyes? Rajeev looks at her. Pari says I just look in the eyes and find out. Rajeev stutters and says we shouldn’t play games right now, we have to find out a way to leave. Pari says we can go on the roof and ask people for help.

Rajeev takes the gun from her and they leave. They find a robber taking away a small kid and Beeji. Pari says please save the girl. Rajeev stops her and takes her from there. Monty hides and tries to save the kid and Beeji. The robber looks around for him but he hides.

Rajeev tells Pari that I can’t fight with everyone, I am not a superman. If anything happens to me then you would be responsible, do you want me to help that girl? Pari says that kid.. Rajeev says we are not responsible for the world,

her family would save her. He says we can’t handle these situations emotionally, we have to be practical. If you and a small kid are in trouble then I would save you over her as you are my responsibility. Pari smiles at him. He asks what happened? Pari says you care for me so much.

The robber tells the hostages that you all will work here like everything is normal. Other bankers are coming with the gold so act like nothing is going on here. If someone tries to do anything then we will shoot them. He asks all the workers to sit at their desks. He says no one should doubt anything here. All people start acting like everything is normal.


Parineetii 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pari makes a video and sends to Neeti, she says Rajeev and I are stuck in a bank and we have been held hostages by the robbers. Neeti says don’t worry, I am coming. Neeti comes to the bank.

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